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London is Europe's largest city. Every day millions of people have to commute to get their work place .Through out the city businesses rely on a transport system that enables employs and customers to access their office shops factories.

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Introduction London is Europe's largest city. Every day millions of people have to commute to get their work place .Through out the city businesses rely on a transport system that enables employs and customers to access their office shops factories. An efficient transport system provides saves the environmental time and costs. This can result in an increase in commuters who use the transport system more regularly as they will trust the system more which will lead to more money coming in from the transport sector. An inefficient transport system to a business can result in a decline in custom and an increase in custom and an increase in employees that are tired, stressed and unpunctual. London planners have discovered many ways to improve the city in 1991.In that time the Greater London Transport was undertaken by London Transport and British Rail, that the re-introduction of the tram was seriously considered. Central Corydon was suffering from huge increase in motor traffic and the New Aldington area had highlighted as having poor public transport. In 1991 Corydon Council and London Transport began working together to promote the Tram link project. The public Consultation carried out during 1992 showed considerable support for the project with over80% of respondents thinking that Tram link was a good idea. Corydon Council. LT and three companies worked together to start the design process. This group was disbanded in 1995 when Tram link went out to tender across Europe. As with many new schemes, the contract available was a Design, Build, Finance and Operate Concession. The successful consortium was Tram track Corydon Limited who now has 99 year concession to run the system. The Tram link system commenced in 1997 and the trams have been fully operational in Corydon since May 2000. Hypothesis The Corydon Tram link has benefited businesses and employment in the local area. For my Coursework I will be looking at the above Hypothesis. ...read more.


The Tar link has improved transport service provision as it has given an alternate source of transport thus allowing the other transport service to have fewer travellers so it is not over populated. South West London is well served by public transport and there are also many car users. Each type of transport has advantages and disadvantages. Several of the Questions used in the questionnaire were designed to test the views of local people on how efficient and effective a tram service was compared with other forms of transport. Advantages and Disadvantages "I prefer using the Tram link to other forms of public transport" Buses Advantages Disadvantages Bus lane can mean buses are faster than cars. Buses are unpredictable-inefficient often late. Good for short journeys as there are a Lot of stops Can be crowded Flexible-lots of routes Buses can get stuck in traffic Trains Advantages Disadvantages Fast Delays More space Noisy and polluted Excellent for commuting long distance Difficult for elderly people, families and disabled Walking Advantages Disadvantages Healthy Takes a long time Free Not suitable for Elderly or Disabled No pollution Difficult when you have lot to carry Cars Advantages Disadvantages Efficient and fast-no waiting Expensive Good for carry heavy items Pollution Good for families Traffic jams Trams Advantages Disadvantages Easy access for elderly and disabled Can break down Frequent and efficient Can only limited routes Cheap Can be crowded Quit and little pollution Fast-no traffic jams Chapter 2-The Corydon Tram link In this chapter I will look at the following questions: i. How has Tram link improved Transport service provision? ii. What are the advantages and Disadvantages of Tram link? iii. What jobs have been directly created by Tram link? A Proposal was put forward to bring a tram system to Corydon and surrounding areas. It was thought that the Tram link could: > Provide a time efficient transport system. > Gain trust from the public that the tram is a reliable mode of transport. ...read more.


The Tramlink is efficient for all ages to use and with it's disabled access, it's available for everybody. With the result in the questionnaire It provide jobs directly and indirectly to many people rom driving the trams to cleaning them up! These are all the reasons that I feel my hypothesis is correct Evaluation In the course of the study , I would say that the whole day's trip went well,there were no delays on trams and all of the tramlink service was on time ,but the day went the waether was bad ,it was raining ,so we haven't done our surey in Ampere way,This make our trip quite hard,so we collect the questionnaire result from the other classes who done the surevy. The most helpful question in the questionnaire that we done is the one about: > "The Tram link has reduced traffic congestion" > "The Tram link means that I now shop indifferent areas" > "Local business have benefited from Tram link" For this question I get more response answers from the public ,and this questions really help me to agree with my hypothesis. The good things about the questionnaires are: * The people were so friendly and they answer our questions very pleasently. * It's help us to know more information about the tramlink. * It's help us to know what pupli's think about trams. And how it help's them to make their journey easy. The bad things about the questionnaire are: * Some people are so quite rude and they don't answer our question. * Some of the questions dosen't make any things, the questions like: > Are you Male or Female? > How old are you? I collect all the information ,that relavent to my hypothesis and I present all the informatiom that I collect from the trip ,in this piece of work. I think I organised my reports very well and I present mmy result as graphs, diagrams and maps. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Human Geography section.

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