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Looe- Tourism.

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Looe- Tourism I went to Looe to find out about tourism and the effect it has on Looe. I will be finding out answers from questions like, Has tourism increased? What's the environment like? What effect does tourism have on Looe? I will also be looking at whats changed over the years and some of the facts of Looe. East and West Looe face each other from across the harbour (see pic g). East and West Looe were united by a Victorian bridge with thirteen arches from the 15th century. This bridge was demolished and rebuilt further up stream in 1853.East and West Looe is mainly made up of hills (see pic h). This is so when pirate attacked they knew in advanced as they could see far out to sea on top of the hills, home were also built on the hills as living to close to the harbour could be dangerous. ...read more.


For example tourist litter and the more tourist that go to Looe the more litter there will be. So then more bins are but around Looe, although it may not sound like a big change it is still a change. More changes will be made from this situation. Like the bins are being used from tourist, who choose to eat out side or bring pack lunch. In which case they're going to need more places to sit, so more benches are made and so on. More tourist are going to Looe and bins and benches etc are being made, which means the more crowded Looe becomes. Which means in this case to much tourism is bad for Looe. Although tourism is good in some ways as it gives people jobs. For example the more tourist the more new shops are made which means more jobs which means more money etc (see grids1and 2). ...read more.


I think Looe could be improved by adding more places to park. Looe is also quite dangerous as there is many windy roads and children could fall into the river Looe. I think I have found out want I aimed to find out. If I did this project again I would change a least one thing which would be the day I went to Looe. As it was winter and I went on a school day and which means most people found it too cold to go to Looe and the children were at school and the adults were at work. Which means some of my results could be wrong, like the chart I did as I was walking around (see questionnaire) to see what sort of people age wise go to Looe and how many people go to Looe. I found finding different age groups to ask the questionnaire too hard as most of the children/ teenagers were at school, it was also hard to tell what age some of the people were. ...read more.

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