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Look at the data that was collected in Reading, Pangbourne and the Tilehurst Triangle.

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Chapter Three: Data Representation and interpretation Introduction In this chapter I will look at the data that was collected in Reading, Pangbourne and the Tilehurst Triangle. I will use a variety of techniques to present the data I collected and will analyse the results carefully in order to prove right or wrong my hypotheses. Section One: The Local Shopping Hierarchy Before analysing my three centres I need to describe each location in detail. To do this I will use the results of the land-use mapping exercise, the environmental quality surveys and examples of annotated photographs and field sketches. The triangular graph gives us a first impression of the types of shops the three centres have in them. Figure 1 A triangular graph showing the percentage of high, middle and low triangular graph. order shopping centres in each settlement. In Reading there is one low order shop, which is the lowest amount of the three, thirty two middle order shops, and sixty eight high order shops. This is because it is a high order shopping centre and therefore has more high order shops than low order shops. In Pangbourne there are nine low order shops, forty eight middle order shops and forty five high order shops. ...read more.


This may be because of the types of roads that you use to get to Reading will be motorway and A class roads where the speed limit is higher and perhaps a more direct route. Whereas the roads to Pangbourne are generally A and B class roads with a lower speed limit. Figure 18 Figure 18 shows the same questions as in figures 16 and 17 but the answers are from people who were asked in the Tilehurst Triangle. People travelling to Reading, in figure 16 s you can see the total time taken to get to the Tilehurst Triangle is 300 minutes which is much lower than the other shopping centres. Furthermore the places from where the people have travelled from are in a much closer proximity than those of the higher order centres. This chart shows the average time taken for each shopping centre. As you can see the largest time is for Reading and the smallest time is for Tilehurst. The reason people travel further to high order centres is because there are less of them and they are more spread out. This is also because the sphere of influence is larger for higher order centres than low order centres. ...read more.


Figure 22 Figure 22 shows two questions from the questionnaire and the answers are from people who were asked in Reading. The total amount of items bought is 108 most of which are high or middle order goods. Figure 23 Figure 23 shows the same questions as in figure 22 but the answers were from people who were asked in Pangbourne. The total amount of items bought is 210. This helps prove that the hypothesis is neither true of false Figure 24 Figure 24 shows the same questions as in figures 22 and 23 but the answers were from people who were asked in the Tilehurst Triangle. The total amount of items bought is 304. This helps prove that the hypothesis is neither true nor false because it is much higher than the total for Reading but most of the items bought are middle order and a few low order ones. From my results I have already found out that the prices of the high order goods are significantly higher than lower order The reason that this hypothesis has been proved neither right, nor wrong, is because some high order goods are very expensive and some are not. Also the quantity of low order goods bought is much higher than high order goods. This compensates for the price difference. This tells us that people spend more at high order shops than low order ones. ...read more.

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