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Loughton Brook

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Loughton brook Location of Loughton brook Loughton Brook is located on the ordinance survey sheet 177. It is in essex south east england. It is adjacent to A104 and A121 main roads. Its within the M25 near the area called Loughton. It flows south into the River Roding. The River Roding then flows beside the M11 motorway south towards the River Thames. Eventually it reaches the Thames at Barking Reach near Dagenham. What Epping Forest is like? On the edge of greater London conurbation which stands on the river Thames Epping Forest is found. The port function of the settlement was important from its first beginnings. ...read more.


Epping Forest has mostly been removed to make way for much needed farming and settlement. Due to its popularity there is great demand for land in this area for housing, out-of-town shopping centers and retail parks and roads. Stansted Airport is located just outside of Bishop's Stortford which is close to Epping Forest. The original area of the forest was in the region of 100,000 acres. Now it is a smaller 6,000 acre (2,4000 hectares) tract of beautiful woodland, and it obviously a lot smaller now than its original size. The woodland is especially famous for its hornbeams and there is a conservation centre at High Beech. ...read more.


The highest point is 117 metres (384 feet) at Ambresbury Bank Rocks and Geology of the area This is a map of Epping Forest showing the types of rock The flow chart shows what happens to rain water when it falls on the area A cross section of Epping Forest showing the types of rock that are at Epping Forest Sources= http://www.bchs.essex.sch.uk/subject/geography/coursework.htm Types of Rock at Loughton Brook Pebbles and Gravel These are permeable types of rock which means that they will let water through quickly. Bagshot beds (sands and clays) Bagshot beds are still permeable but not as permeable as pebbles and gravel and therefore will still let water through but slower. Claygate beds/London clay This is an impermeable surface and won't let water pass through. ...read more.

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