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marketing strategiesI feel that the best way in which Show Airlines can minimise the negative externalities which may cause them a lot of unexpected costs, is to put in practice benchmarking

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Task 7 The Environment * Air Pollution: This is the pollution that the business may emit into the atmosphere, as well as the constructors producing carbon dioxide as they build the new investment. If this is the outcome, then there are many affects it will have on the natural surroundings of the area as for example, acid rain may be created which will lead to the destruction of forestry area's and also plants and habitats for natural wildlife. This can also affect neighbouring countries as clouds move through the winds and also threw streams of rivers. Once the investment has been built, pollution will be cause by more traffic being on the roads, as there will be more locals who are trying to make money of the tourists by showing them around, and also this lead to the area being more congested. How to Minimise This Negative Factor Show Airlines will make sure that their wastewater will be disposed of properly and safely without dumping or spilling it. They can also tell tourists to try and use as much public transport as they can, but I feel this will not make a difference as if you are new to an area, you may not feel safe taking public transport everywhere as sometimes you may not know where you are going, where as if you take a taxi, you know exactly where you are going, and if not then the taxi driver can always help you. * Noise Pollution: Businesses such as hotels and flights are related with the tourist industry have had many problems with noise pollution. ...read more.


Also a lot of younger people living in the area may find that making a living of tourism and impressing tourists to buy things from them is a way of life and may stick to that profession where as if the business had not been set up they could have been doing more constructive with their lives. How to Minimise This Negative Factor Solutions (Tourists) * Act to support cultural diversity. * Engage in activities that add value to the community. * Don't do activities that deteriorate the environment. * Don't engage in illegal activities. * Act to disperse the benefits. * Patronize locally (community) owned enterprises. Solutions (Local people in the area) * Support the traditional cultural legacy. * Training and education in local culture, history, natural science, etc. * Select development and activities that draw from local traditions and add value to the community. * Don't promote activities that deteriorate the environment. * Don't engage in illegal activities. * Adopt a program to disperse the benefits. * Patronize locally produced products and locally (community) owned enterprises. * Make business and foreign exchange transactions transparent and efficient. The Place: * Creates A Community or Brings New Prospects: It will attract new investments into the area if a large business organisation does will in the area. This is because every business would want to make money in the tourist business and seeing one organisation doing well will push them in the same direction. With companies such as Show Airlines, this will bring in new skills and may also invest into schools and colleges to help funding in to courses to do with tourism. ...read more.


For example if the local people are not happy with the business being set up, tourists who are to live at the hotel, once it is build may find the local people are very rude to them, this will have a negative impact on the business has intern the tourists will not like the area and may think about going elsewhere. If the company do decide to compensate the locals, then they may find it will lead to better conditions to the surrounding area. They may not have to giver the local's money, but set up ways that the locals can make money from the business being set up, for example, when tourists come in the area, the business can maybe employ local people to take them around the area, show them the local landscape and natural habitats. If the business feels they do not want to compensate the local people, then they can maybe build the investment elsewhere. May be in a quite area where there may not be a lot of people at all. This will reduce costs as the land will be a little cheaper as it is in a quite area. This can be at an advantage to the business as they can maybe build everything the tourists may need to keep them happy on this site and will also cause the local people to be more happy as there will not be as much noise pollution and waste being created in the city surrounding area. They can hire out bus's and coaches which may go to the city and other surrounding areas which the tourists who come to visit can use. Keval Shah Management Accounting ...read more.

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