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method for portobello road cwork

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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Key Questions Method Justification of Method Source Using the Data Problems/Limitations Solutions What was Portobello Rd Like in the Past? Research: Internet Books Photographs Newspapers Past Land-Use Maps. I want to know about the past so we must use secondary data. Secondary Data: Internet Books Past Research. Graph of land-use, annotated photographs Information may be limited + unreliable. Look carefully at data check sources. What is Portobello Rd like Today? Research: Land-use maps Photographs We will also survey the area. I must use primary data because we are researching the present. Primary Data: Internet, Books, Land-use maps, Surveying Secondary data: internet, Books Annotated Photographs Information from internet may be limited + unreliable. Look carefully at data use reputable + reliable sources. ...read more.


Look carefully at data use reputable + reliable sources. What do people think of these changes? I will create a survey to gain an understanding of people's opinions of these changes. I want to find out people's opinions so i must complete a survey. Questionnaire Once data is collected i shall display it using appropriate charts Respondents provide untruthful opinions. Stress the fact that all data collected will be anonymous. Is Portobello Rd being overrun by chain stores? Complete a survey, study the increase in chain stores over a period of time. The answer to this question would depend on people's opinions therefore i must use a survey. Land use maps would show the increase in chain stores. Questionnaire, land-use maps Graph of land use, display results from survey in a pie-chart Difficult to define the number of chain stores that would render PR overrun with chain stores. ...read more.


Research: Internet Books Researching on the internet and through books will give me an understanding of the current trends of property prices, number of chain stores, etc. This will help me to understand the direction in which PR is heading in. Books, Internet Write about findings in my conclusion when I am answering the key questions. Information may be limited + unreliable. Look carefully at data use reputable + reliable sources. What do I recommend should happen to Portobello Rd in the future? Research internet and books. Understand what direction PR is heading in. Once i have an understanding of the direction PR is heading in i will be able to recommend what changes should take effect to Internet and books. use data to gain an understanding of the direction PR is heading in. Information may be limited and unreliable. Look carefully at data use reputable + reliable sources. ?? ?? ?? ?? Geography Coursework 2008 1 ...read more.

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