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methodolgy for portobello road

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Key questionsimage00.pngimage01.png




Using the data



  1. What was Portobello road like in the past?

2.    What is Portobello road like today?

Secondary source material

Land-use survey, field sketches + photos, environmental survey, chain stores, some questionnaires

Secondary source material is the best method to use for this question, as it will give me a clear vision of what Portobello road was like back in the past.

The land-use survey, field sketches + photos, environmental survey, chain stores today will help me get a clear picture of how Portobello road is today. Especially chain stores today and some questionnaires as they are the most accurate answer I will get as they are observing the character, change of wealth from chain stores today. The questionnaires will be based on personal opinions from the local residents.



With the data I will get labelled pictures, descriptions.

With the data I will get description, labelled pictures, graphs and charts, cholopeth map.

Well the problems that I could face with this question is whether I can get accurate information for example if I use wilkepedia I can not be sure on the accuracy and have a limit of accurate information as people put information there by themselves. Which could include opinions, which may be inaccurate.

With the materials used I may not be able to do field sketches accurately as I am weak at drawing so I may not be able to draw clear field sketches therefore using photos instead. Also the environmental survey is a biased view of the surroundings as it is your opinions which is a limitation as it may not be as accurate in other people’s minds as everyone has different opinions.

Solutions to this could be to use a website containing secondary source material for example material, which is copyrighted. As you know the material is from a sufficient source.

Well as drawing is my weak point I may have to get secondary source pictures. I may have to compare my environmental survey with others and come to conclusion to change some answers or to stick with them.

  1. What changes have occurred? image02.png

4.   Why is Portobello road changing?

Secondary source material, Land-use survey, field sketches + photos, environmental survey, chain stores

Environmental survey, questionnaire, chain store survey, secondary source material

The Land-use survey, field sketches + photos, environmental survey, chain stores will help me compare the previous two questions. And come to a verdict therefore the secondary source material and questionnaires are the most important to figure out the changes such as the amount of cultures, the wealth of the locals etc.

Environmental survey, questionnaire, chain store survey, secondary source material will be relevant to this question as with these materials. From these materials I will be able get personal opinions and match them to past material to come to a verdict which will be very helpful. And help a lot to get a conclusion of whether Portobello road is going through a period of change.

Secondary & Primary

Secondary & Primary

With the data I will get maps, descriptions.

With the data I will get some descriptions.

The factors which affect this question is in particular is the chain stores land-use survey and the secondary source material. These three materials are suppose to help me find out the chain stores that were on Portobello road in the 1950s. But in the 1982 land-use map I do not know whether they were chain stores back, then some of them maybe now but some may have been back then but not anymore therefore having limited information on chain stores.

The most important material when answering these questions as these are opinions which are from people who are on Portobello road everyday and some for 30 years plus. The answers can cause unstable the answers to this question especially as people have different opinions. For e.g. some may think Portobello road is changing and some may not, which can make the answer to this questions to have two sides.

I could solve the problem of the chain store problem by finding a list of all chain stores in past and present.

I could solve the problem in this question by trying to exclude the questions asked to people I questioned who looked like residents but were visitors, this would make my results more accurate. If they are a few answers that are a bit funny I may have to list them as outcomes and not count them to make an even more accurate answer.


  1. What do people think about the changes?

6.  Is it being overrun by chain stores?

7.    Are the changes along Portobello road changing its character?


Chain stores survey, questionnaire, field sketches + photos, secondary source material

Environmental quality survey, questionnaire, secondary source material

Questionnaire is the only material needed for this question as it is based on opinions, which you can only get from questionnaires.

Chain stores survey, questionnaire, secondary source material ,field sketches + photos will help me solve this question especially chain store survey as I will be able to add up and come to an answer to decide whether Portobello road is being overrun. Questionnaires, field sketches + photos will help me find pictures of non chain stores and chain stores and personal opinions mostly from the locals.

Environmental quality survey, questionnaire, secondary source material will help me figure out whether Portobello road is going through a change.


Primary & Secondary

Secondary & Primary


Maps &descriptions

Maps & descriptions

The only source for this has very little problems or limitations, which are a mixture of, answer giving two sides and views.

The biggest problem and limitation is the chain store survey and secondary source material for this question. As these both give evidence for the amount of chain stores in the past and today but the main concern is to know what shop is a chain store and what use to be a chain store.

The problem for this question is mainly the questionnaire as some people asked may not think Portobello road has changes which will leave you stuck as I was in my experience with 1 or 2 people asked.

As I might have to do in the previous question I may have to exclude the outcomes answers such as if people claim the property prices are too low.

I may have to research shops on Portobello road and see whether they are chain stores or not. And also check shops, which use to be chin stores but no longer exist.

This is a very common in my study but I have a solution to it, which is to exclude answer which seem a bit questionable.


8. Are there any

conflict involved in these changes?

9. What do you think will happen in the future to Portobello road?

10.  What do you recommend should happen to Portobello road?

Questionnaire, chain store survey

Environmental survey, land use survey, chain store survey

Land-use survey, environmental survey, questionnaire

The questionnaire, chain store survey will help me solve if race conflicts or other if conflicts are involving.

The Environmental survey, land-use survey, chain store survey will help me seek the present changes and see how it will be in future.

The Land-use survey, environmental survey will help seek what would be ideal for Portobello road  to go into also how to make it a better place in the future.




With this data I will get cholopleth maps and descriptions.

With this data I will get maps.

With this data I will get a maps.

The main concern for this question is the amount of detail you can get from the questionnaires as if somebody answers no then you are stuck.

The only limitation for this question is the environmental survey as it cannot really help predict what is going to happen as it really only has got to do with the layout and the change in look which you cannot get that much information on.

The problem for this is mainly the questionnaire, which should have a mixture of answers, which will give mixed opinions for what could help Portobello road in the future.

The solution to this problem is to have a column on my tally chart for the question residents do not know as not sure making them in a way for and against the question.

A solution to this question would be to expand on the amount of detail and how the layout effects Portobello road in a positive way or a negative way. E.g. graffiti would be negative whereas pictures of flowers would be positive.

The solution to this problem would be as many of problems in my study would be to exclude all outcomes such as people claiming Portobello road has a lot of litter which in my opinion is incorrect as I believed Portobello road was quite clean.

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