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Metro Centre - Gateshead

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METRO CENTRE - GATESHEAD Urban A case study of * a shopping facility / service * an urban planning scheme What is the Metro Centre / What is it like ? The Metro Centre is situated in Gateshead which is a suburb of Newcastle in the North of England. It is a very large shopping centre covering three square miles. The centre was built to attract people away from the centre of Newcastle to do their shopping. ...read more.


The effect that this centre has had on the town is that the shops in the town centre have been forced to open longer hours and on Sundays to keep open. The Metro centre is the fifth largest shopping centre in the world, reaching from 3 to 4 miles. 55% of the shoppers live within 20 minutes of the Metro Centre and 45% live within a 30 minute radius. ...read more.


The majority of people that go to The Metro Centre take 11-20 mins to get there. More people take 11-20 mins to travel to Eldon Square than The Metro Centre, this is because the majority of the people that shop at Eldon Square live in the vicinity. 64% of the people travelling to The Metro Centre travel by car. Where as 45% of people travelling to Eldon Square travel by bus. 37% of people that shop at the Metro Centre spend �20-�50 each time. ...read more.

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