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Mozambique floodings 2000

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Mozambique The disasterous Mozambique floods occurred in February and March 2000. It was a natural, catastrophic disaster, which left many in a struggle and tough fight for life. The floods were the worst Mozambique had experienced for over 50 years! There were a number of key events which lead up to the horrific floodings! To begin with, on January 4th 2000 a three day storm struck over Mozambique and North East South Africa, over 350mm of precipitation fell in ine day. After this during late January and February, nearly continuous heavy rain fell for over 5 weeks. The total rainfall of February was at a staggering 1163mm compareedf to the average of 177mm, that's nearly 7 times as much. ...read more.


This had a big impact on Mozambique as they were at the other end and more water came rushing nto Mozambique. This lead to more water run off, but there was no where for he water to go. Diseases such as Malaria became more of a risk to people as it could easily be passed around in congested camps. The rain water became even more dirty and harmful with dead animals left lying in it, peoples waste and other harful chemicals all left to pass on diseasaes to people quicker. Many families had to move out of there houses and live up on hills and there crops and animals were left to be killed by the evern increasing water levels. ...read more.


Schemes could be put up instructing people what to do when flooding occurs again, for instence marking out certain points on a mapwhich would be the safest most reliable place to go to when the water levels begin to rise. High river levis to increase the amount of water that's able to be held until breaking point meaning people would have more time to react to the floodings. What makes the Mozambique floodings different to those that occurred in Britain recently was that aid was at hand for those at risk. Also emergency services were well prepared for the events that would later take place. On top of this those at risk were warned to move out there houses once the flooding got beyond a certain point. This meant that thoise at risk had plans for where they would go when they had to move out! Anish Sethi 1 ...read more.

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