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My aim is to investigate the development of East Horsley village and suggest reasons for its growth. I also hope to show that most people work outside of the local area and that East Horsley has characteristics of a 'suburbanised' village.

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Introduction My aim is to investigate the development of East Horsley village and suggest reasons for its growth. I also hope to show that most people work outside of the local area and that East Horsley has characteristics of a 'suburbanised' village. I will try to find out if more wealthy urban residents and those people with improved family status have moved to Horsley because they have the money to afford larger and more expensive houses or because it is closer to work or simply because they prefer the lifestyle outside of urban areas. This investigation is part of my human geography course studying settlement and changes in villages. I chose to do this topic because it is a local area and I find the growth of Horsley interesting because I have lived here all my life and so has my family; we have all watched it change and I wondered why this was. The study area for my investigation is Horsley, and in particular East Horsley. Horsley is in the South EastHorsley HHHLKJN?KN of England, in the county of Surrey. East Horsley is roughly 8 miles East of Guildford, the nearest large town. Other nearby towns and villages are Effingham, Ockham, Bookham, Clandon, Ripley and Woking. Figure 1 - A Map of the British Isles (figure1) ...read more.


Primary Data 4:Traffic Count I have taken two traffic counts at different times of the day: one at rush hour 5pm to 6pm and one at 2pm to 3pm, this should show me that there is more commuter traffic in the rush hour. This will show me if there is an increase in traffic at rush hour and if it substantial enough to show the likelihood of Horsley being a commuter village. I collected all of my data individually apart from the questionnaire, which a friend helped me with, this made it a lot easier because he could record data whilst I asked questions. Secondary Data: I acquired a bus and train timetable and maps off of the Internet. This helped me because they show how many busses and trains go, and where they go. Data Presentation/Interpretation Primary Data Set 1: Questionnaire By Me (figure 4) This pie chart shows that over 50% of the people I surveyed work 21-40 miles from home, this clearly indicates that they are commuters and travel to places like London to work. This is what I predicted. (figure 5) This chart shows that around 60% people have moved here in the last 10 years, this might be because of the large increase in houses in this area in that time span. ...read more.


'what bracket their house price falls into.' The only problem I had collecting data was that my choice of time to survey East Horsley meant a lot of people were away from their homes, although the data I managed to collect was very useful. If I was to repeat my study, I would improve my enquiry by finding historical maps and comparing them to recent ones, this would aid me to show the growth of the village. I believe my results to be accurate and my methods conclusive. This is because I actively questioned residents. The only reason my pilot survey would be flawed is if they had lied, but I doubt this because the results were substantiated by my prediction. All of my results, particularly my questionnaire back up my hypothesis because they show convincingly that Horsley is commuter settlement with exclusive housing and consumer goods and services. None of my results reject my hypothesis but I found the secondary data to be a lot less useful. For example the bus timetable only showed me the fact that busses run from Guildford to Epsom every hour and this did not aid my investigation. To increase the accuracy of my results I would have to: * Add more questions to my questionnaire * Survey more people * Count more traffic Count traffic at more time intervals Horsley HHHLKJN?KN ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Human Geography section.

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