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My Autobiography.

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My Autobiography My name is Justin Harcourt I was born on the 29th June 1987 in the town of Carmarthen in South Wales. The hospital is called Glangwili, I weighed 9lb 3oz. When I was born I seemed okay to the doctors but a few hours later I had an asthma attack and was put on a machine that helped me breath. (0-3 years) When I was about two years of age I had just learned to climb. The first ever sky TV had just been brought out and my father had to buy it. So he came home set it all up and place the channel box on top of the TV. Me being very young I was suspicious, so I decided to climb up on the TV and have a closer but from this point this is what my parents have told me in the resent years that had happened. ...read more.


The trouble was when I first meet people I was very shy but I soon I learnt how to socialize. When I was about four years of age my parents started taking me to swimming lessons. I passed the entire swimming tests then I did lifesaving 1,2&3. When I was 8 years old I joined Carmarthen District Swimming Club. In the first month I attended three galas soon I realized my best stroke was freestyle. On Christmas morning I woke up and in the dinning room was a moto bike it was PW 80 Yamaha. As soon my dad woke he start up I got my new helmet and went in the garden, I rode the bike for about five minutes then was going towards the shed and I went to turn but I twisted the throttle and went straight into the shed. In six months I had sold that bike and bout a Kawasaki KX 60cc which I could race and in my first racing season I did a some races in South Wales Motocross Club. ...read more.


I did well for my first full season coming 3rd South West Wales Club Championship. I was fishing with my friend on the local Gwili River in the summer holidays. The river is one-mile walk to the river and it a steep clime back home. It was a late summers evening it was about eight a clock and the sun was going down leaving an orange glow on the river. I was starting to get cold so we packed are fishing tackle. I turned around near the edge of the bank when I felt the ground move and a split second later I had fallen down a six-foot drop into the river. I climbed out of the river and walked home in the dark shivering. About three quarters of the way home when I pulled into side so a car could pass and stood in a drain which someone had removed the guard, my leg was bruised all the up to my knee. It took me another five minutes to get home. Justin Harcourt Page 1 ...read more.

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