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My favourite photograph

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My favourite photograph My favourite photograph is of me doing a bungee jump; it evokes memories from one of the best times of my life, when I visited Australia. Enroute to Australia, we stopped over in Hong Kong. I detested Hong Kong. It was dull, uninteresting and smoggy; the food was disgusting, not like the Chinese food here, and the people were not to welcoming. But what a change in Australia, it was the total opposite. Our first Australian destination was Cairns, which is in Northern Queens land, near the Great Barrier Reef. It was stunning beyond words. There was the rainforests and gorgeous beaches and the people were charming, it was so beautiful you can't portray it without seeing it. One day we went into the rainforest, there seemed to be masses of unusual noises to pay attention to, from bugs to birds and allsorts of other wildlife. ...read more.


I also visited Sydney and all the superb sites there, and Singapore, which I have to say, is a big improvement to Hong Kong, better food, nicer people, and more enjoyable activities. These are some of my remarkable memories, but the big one for me is without a doubt, is when I did my bungee jump in the middle of the rainforest. Every time I glance at that image, the one of me soaring through the air, I can't help smiling. Just remembering feeling so free and on top of the world, I felt like I was flying through the air, free falling, like I was plummeting into eternity. Amazing. But before I did it, it was a totally different story. I walked up countless shiny metal steps, in the heat, onto a platform. They tied my feet together and the safety equipment was attached to me, I walked onto the out stretched platform and looked down... ...read more.


It was so peaceful. My body wouldn't move, I was upside down. I was gently lowered downwards into a boat, which was waiting for me on the pond. The man carefully took off my equipment and took me to the sidewalk. I was buzzing with adrenaline; I ran to my mum and flung my arms around her crying with happiness and triumph. Then when I turned around I noticed lots of Chinese people smiling at me and nodding their heads with their eyebrows raised, it was as if they were saying well done. I was so proud. All I wanted to do was jump once more, but I didn't have enough money. But I still had my memories and my favourite photographs. Unfortunately, after Singapore I had to fly to Britain and not back to Australia. Although I was delighted to see my friends and family again, and I had the chance to share all my happy memories and photographs with them. ...read more.

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