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My home town - Sheffield.

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I live in Sheffield, which has loads of really great things to see and do. The entertainment is spread all over the city but Sheffield has lots of busses and trams... which are always on time! If you want to shop - great - there is lots of places for that. Start on Chapel Walk, then up Fargate to Orchard Square. There you'll find a superb cup of coffee in Costa, which is in the back of Waterstones bookshop, where you can get any book you desire. At this part of your journey you have a choice of direction! Either up Division Street, down The Moor, or the Peace Gardens. ...read more.


That is a load of fun and you can race your friends, at the end it tells you your speed and lap times. I love it but it doesn't have any easy way of getting to it. It is very near the Ski Village, which also is great fun for all the family, but again it doesn't have many easy ways of getting to it unless you own a car. If sports are your thing, then Sheffield is what you want. We have loads of different things you can watch or do. You could visit Sheffield leisure centres, there is two. PondsForge or Hillsborough. nb jumping off the top divingboard. While in Hillsborough you may want to watch Sheffield Wednesday play. ...read more.


It has all the big shops, Gap, Debenhams, Marks & Spencer, etc. Not just clothes shops it has shops for phones, music, computers, you name it Meadowhall probably has it. Valley Centertainment also has it all, but no shops, just things like cinema, bowling, arcade and much more. The cinema at Centertainment in my opinion if far bast in Sheffield. Valley Centertainment has all the big food restaurants that Meadowhall has- with a few additions. It also has a night-club if that's what you like. Sheffield Arena is really good -if any show or performance is happening- it's a gigantic place and some tickets aren't that expensive! So when ever you come to Sheffield and whatever you I no you will enjoy you're self. By Oliver Twigg 10HE ...read more.

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