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my school enviroment plan

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My School environment plan Its important Ousedale School has an environmental plan as I am seeing more and more rubbish and litter appearing everyday. I am sure if this carelessness of the students continues we will start to experience rats and the litter will rot making the school a safety hazard-which none of us want. As a world we are ok in recycling but we could improve so beginning at Ousedale School is a start. My aim for this plan is to reduce the amount of litter lying about the school. ...read more.


The only people really who can stop litter in or near the canteens is the students. In classrooms we can do a lot of things to make our school greener. For instance every classroom should have a recycling bin for paper as well as a normal bin for litter. Also to save energy we should make sure we turn off the lights in unused classrooms and in the summer instead of using fans to cool our selves down with should just open the windows. ...read more.


As before the main reason is the lack of bins so in each area around school I think there should be at least be 3-4 bins. Also if any teachers see anyone dropping litter or food they should give them a detention, I know it sounds a bit unfair but it will help them learn. If nothing is done about these problems the school will be a smelly, dirty place where no one would want to learn in. If it got so bad there is the possibility of the school closing down. I hope you have taken my views seriously really we need to be doing all we can to save the planet. ...read more.

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