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My Tourist Resort

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My Tourist Resort On the map of Paradise Island, I have chosen Site A (296,723) to be the location of My Tourist Resort. There are several reasons why it's a good place to have a tourist resort, but certainly also quite a few reasons why it may not be a good place to have a tourist resort. Some of the positives of this location: * It is by some means the central town of the island, in view of the fact that that it has road connections with both of the two other towns. This means that tourists visiting the resort will have an easier way of getting around the island, town by town. ...read more.


you a little bit further along the road, south from Big Hill, they'll get to the lake; almost certainly a good place for amateur fishermen. * The campsite, which is just a boat-trip away from the site, is an essential place for those tourists who like to stay overnight in the nature. * The church in the town, will attract more Christian tourists, but may have a negative effect on other religions. Some of the negatives of this location, and ways of solving it: * There's no wood close to the site. This might doubtless be a problem since a lot of the tourists may want to visit a wood on their vacation. It would also be better for the environment if there were more trees. ...read more.


* The shingle beach may be a problem for many of the tourists who like spending their holiday in the water, as it will take much more effort to get into the water. They'll have to put their bare feet on the pebbles, which can be very upsetting. There are almost certainly some groups of people who would have some different opinions on whether my choice of site for a tourist resort is good or bad. For instance someone would say that a tourist resort placed in a town is not such a good idea, since there is much quieter and calm in place distant from the noise of the town, like a campsite. ?? ?? ?? ?? Bjoern Nielsen, March 24, 2009 ...read more.

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