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Nearly every country will be affected by global warming, with average temperatures changing all over the earth.

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The CO2 levels in the atmosphere are increasing faster and faster because of the boom in cars, planes etc. These use fossil fuels which are non renewable and also harm the environment by releasing harmful gases. Global warming doesn't just warm the earth, some countries can face wetter or colder, drier or warmer climates. And more floods the number of people being flooded each year will increase from 13 million to 94 million. You might think the warmer climate won't be that bad but it's not all good news and as with the predictions for the rest of the world, one of the most worrying things is the uncertainty. The effects of global warming on the: Isle of Man Global warming will affect the Isle of Man. ...read more.


The warming will greater in the summer, when temperature in the UK will be at their highest. Overall, a slight reduction is predicted in the annual rainfall total over the UK. However this covers very large season changes. In summer, some parts of the UK will be as much as 50% drier, while in winter they may become up to 30% wetter. Rising temperatures, more rainfall and higher sea levels all mean that many natural habitats will be lost. The plants and animals in the south of England vary greatly from those in the north of Scotland - they have all found a climate that suit's them. If the temperature raises; many species may move north to find somewhere they are comfortable but may then find it too wet. ...read more.


There could be changes in the amount of cereals that various countries can grow with small increases in North America, China, Argentina and much of Europe and decreases in Africa, the Middle East and particularly India. There will be more places where malaria will flourish. About 290 million more people will be at risk by the 2080s, particularly in China and central Asia. There will also be other explosions in the parasite population. There will also be new mutant hybrid bugs and insects. The amount of water available from rivers may change due to changing rainfall patterns. There could be less available in Australia, India, southern Africa, South America, Europe and the Middle East, and more available in North America, Asia and central eastern Africa. By 2080, about 3 billion people will have more problems with their water supplies. About 2.5 billion people will have more water than they do now. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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