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New Forest Coastline

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24 January 2003 The New Forest Coastline Introduction The New Forest coastline is situated between the Dorset border and the Southampton Water on the south-west coast of Britain. It is split into three main areas and is managed mainly by the New Forest District Council but also other councils. The three areas are, Christchurch Bay, Western Solent, and Southampton Water. There is a big issue that affects this coastline. The cliffs on the coast are slowly being eroded, and the low-lying areas need to be protected from coastal flooding. Natural landscapes and wildlife habitats need to be protected for people who want to work and visit the areas. This problem attracts a lot of interest from all the councils who try and decide what system and form of protection should be used. Physical Features & Human Land-use The coastline is lined with many landforms and the land surrounding the area is used by humans for various activities. ...read more.


The rest of the area is used for housing. Why we Need a Coastal Management System There is a big need for a coastal management system. Human activity has influenced the area because the scenery and recreational activities and potential attract many visitors and holiday-makers. Many other people emigrate there because it provides an attractive environment to live, work and retire. The coastline brings in more money for the locals in the form of "foreigners" and therefore without the coastline many people would have no source of income. However, human activity provides a certain amount of pressure which threatens to change the coastline and its natural ecological balance. Apart from human factors physical factors hat take place also influence the coastline's shape. Waves, Currents, groundwater, movements and weathering have a considerable impact on the shape of the coastline and human activity - this must be to be taken into account when deciding management proposals for the coast. ...read more.


6. Cooperation is important between everyone from the local councils to the industry owners. 7. Public awareness needs to be improved to let people know where they stand and what danger they are in. 8. Historical aspects needs to protected because they are an important part of history, this is not very important. 9. Developing criteria for the development of the coast is important for future vents and emergencies. 10. The least important is recreational activities as these can be done in many other places. Alternative Suggestions There are any other ways in which the coastline can be protected. On the coast many things can be used for protection. A recurved sea wall can reflect the waves and push them back out to the sea. Rip-rap are large boulders used on the coast to absorb the wave energy and disperses it. Gabions are used to absorb some of the wave energy and stop erosion as do wooden revetments. To decide what to use we would use cost-benefit analysis which would allow us to make best use of our money. ...read more.

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