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Newry and Mourne District Geography Investigation

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Contents Introduction Newry and Mourne district was established in 1973. Newry is situated on the main Dublin to Belfast road. It lies along the River Clanrye and Newry Canal, near Carlingford Lough (inlet of the sea) and the Mourne Mountains. It is bordered by the districts of Armagh and Down to the northeast, by the Irish Sea to the east, and by the Irish Republic to the south and west. The Newry Canal, built in 1730-41 and the first major canal in the British Isles, flows between Lough Neagh and Carlingford Lough and divides the district in two, with low mountains on the east and west. The town developed around a Cistercian abbey founded on the Clanrye by St. Malachy about 1144 . The Irish name of the town, Iubhar Cinn Tr�gha, means "the yew tree at the head of the Strand," and it is alleged that the original yew, the symbol of immortality, was planted by St. Patrick. Because of its position in a gap of the hills, Newry is the seat of the Roman Catholic bishop of Dromore, and the Cathedral of Saints Patrick and Colman was completed in 1825. The town's industries include spinning and weaving of linen and cotton, the manufacture of waterproof clothing, food processing, and granite quarrying. ...read more.


2. To discover how the height of the buildings change from the CBD from the rest of the urban area. 3. To discover if parking restrictions are greatest in the CBD. 4. To discover if the CBD is the busiest part of the urban area. 5. To discover if the quality of shops and the appearance of streets is greatest in the CBD than in the rest of the urban area Hypotheses A hypotheses is to put under suppose, an assumption or concession made for the sake of argument ,an interpretation of a practical situation or condition taken as the ground for action a tentative assumption made in order to draw out and test its logical or empirical consequences. Our class agreed on the following hypotheses: 1. Land use in the CBD is different from land use in the rest of the urban area. 2. The height of buildings increase in the CBD. 3. Parking restrictions are greatest in the CBD. 4. The CBD is the busiest part of the urban area. 5. The quality and appearance of streets is greatest in the CBD than in the rest of the urban area. Methodology Hypothesis 1 Land use in the CBD is different from the land use in the rest of the urban area. ...read more.


Table of land use with A-P in Newry. Land use Tally Frequency a 9 b 23 c 37 d 31 e 19 f 15 g 34 l 3 j 15 k 17 l 27 m 12 n 16 p 2 Table of results for total functional score of each street in Newry. Name of street Functional score total Hill street 220 Monahan street 190 Francis street 134 sugar island 57 Table of results showing the percentage of each street which is residential and percentage used for Shops and other services. Name of street % residential % shops and other services Hill street 4 96 Monahan street 8 92 Francis street 10 90 sugar island 20 80 Table of results for no. of buildings as a percentage of all the buildings on each street with certain land uses. Hill street- Specialist shops- 35 Catering and entertainment- 25 Professional shops- 5 Clothing and shoe shops- 9 Personal services- 5 Others- 20 Monahan street- Specialist shops- 25 professional services - 25 Catering and entertainment- 15 Clothing and shoe shops- 10 Convenience- 15 Others- 10 Francis street- Others- 20 Residential- 40 Specialist shops-40 Professional services-25 Clothing and shoe shops- 15 Sugar island- Residential- 25 Specialist shops- 30 Catering and entertainment- 25 Professional services- 5 Public buildings-10 Others- 5 ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Human Geography section.

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