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Nike admits to mistake over child labour. In my opinion I feel that child Labor should be abolished under all circumstances. Child labor threatens childrens physical, mental, or emotional well-being.

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Nike admits to mistakes over child labour Summary Nike is a multi-billion dollar sportswear company that admitted its mistakes in employing children from third world countries but also added by saying ending this practice might be difficult. Nike doesn't follow human rights..........in the article we find out that children as young as 10 years old used to make these shoes, clothes and footballs in Pakistan and Cambodia. Nike did of course impose strict conditions on the age of employees.......but they did admit that there were instances in which the condition was ignored. ...read more.


Child labor threatens children's physical, mental, or emotional well-being. This prevents children from attending school which can affect their future. Child labor to me is a work that is harming children's life. If children start working at such a young age what will they do when they grow up? In my opinion, I feel that all governments of the representative countries should also agree about the abolishment of child labor. I feel that less well off people should be able to receive a job that is able to help their children to get in to schools. ...read more.


Q3) All these multinational companies transfer their jobs to third world countries because it's cheaper and thus sometimes exposing younger kids to child labour. Should we allow multinational cooperation to work outside their own country of origin? What are some of the benefits and negatives? Q4) Looking at from the 3rd world countries, families of these children being worked are tremendously glad as they all get extra income to their families. Even whatever little they get, it's a huge boost to the family's income. Do u think it's fair to not allow the opportunity for these poor families to make money? Or should we stick with protecting human rights? ...read more.

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