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Norfolk newspaper

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East coast homebuyers in flood warning 14:52pm 13th October 2004 Families thinking of buying property on the East Anglian coast should carefully consider the increasing risk posed by the encroaching North Sea, an expert warned today. The warning came as fears grew that one of the East Coast's most popular towns could become an island if sea defences are breached this winter. ...read more.


"My advice would be if you are looking at buying a house on the coast you should carefully consider the long-term threat posed by coastal erosion," said Miss Rawson. "Contact the local authority and consider what information is on offer. "I would advise looking at the whole picture before buying. We would strongly advise going to your local authority and checking. ...read more.


"The level of defence is different depending on where you are," she said. "In Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, for example, the level of defence may be such that it could cope with a one-in-200-year storm. In a smaller village it may be a one-in-75-year storm. "If, for example, we had storms of the level that East Anglia saw in 1953, if that happened again, there would be flooding. "The Environment Agency's main priority is to reduce the risk to life. We cannot defend against everything. ...read more.

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