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Northumberland Estates Customers and Competitors Customers Foreigners- foreigners from across seas come across to

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Northumberland Estates Customers and Competitors Customers Foreigners- foreigners from across seas come across to see new scenes or just for a relaxing break and as they are doing this, if they decide to visit the Castle, then they most likely will spend money in the gift shop as a memorabilia. Tourists- Tourists can come on bus trips or fly up from other parts of the Country to see different parts of history in our area. Families- Some families can come to the Castle and Gardens as a tourist or they can come just out of interest if they are local. Some families want their children to have the best knowledge of their area and may like a tour guide around the castle and may be hounded by their children for some gifts for themselves. School Children- Teachers often bring their pupils to the castle to learn the history of Alnwick and its Castle. ...read more.


Coach Parties- Bus Companies can set up day trips or even long weekend trips to the Castle or other areas the Estate owns where everything comes included, e.g. Bus ticket, Castle and Garden entrance, overnight stay etc. This is also helping the bus companies make money as well as the Estates. Locals- Locals often visit the Castle and can come from local parts maybe on a day trip. Whilst they are here they can also visit other places such as the gardens and then go home later on in the day. Competitors Shopping centres- People can choose between going to the castle for the day or going to another amusing place e.g. Metro Centre Beaches- This is a free option which is also fun on a summer or warm day where the whole family can spend a day relaxing. ...read more.


Other Historical places- Again there may be places such as Hadrian's Wall or a museum which may tickle someone's fancy. Television- There may be programmes on which people may be more interested in. Weather- If the weather is bad, which is quite inevitable in North- East, tourists could decide to stay in as they would rather see the Castle at it's best in the shining sun. Or a person may want to go when it is wet and cold as it will be quieter. Castle Collectables Customers and Competitors Customers Northumberland Estates (Alnwick Castle) - Northumberland Estates use Castle Collectables as their supplier for their quality goods. Alnwick Gardens Shop- The gardens also use Castle Collectables as their supplier for the souvenirs. Souvenir shops in Alnwick- Souvenir shops may buy from Castle collectables with Alnwick logos on Tourist Information- The Tourist Information buy a small amount of souvenirs from Castle Collectables to sell to people as they are looking for information. Competitors Other factories that make souvenirs (Local Or National) ...read more.

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