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One child Policy

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China's One-child policy 1/ Why did China decide to adopt a one-child policy? The Chinese government decided to adopt this policy in 1979 to help limit its country's population growth (55 million every year), by encouraging fewer children and delayed marriages. The one-child policy was introduced to ensure that China, which has historically been prone to floods and famine, could feed its entire people. 2/How did the policy work? In order to alleviate the population problem, China had to reduce China's family size from 5 children to 1.5 children per family, but just to make sure it was a uniform number it was reduced 1.0 child per family. The 'one child' policy stipulates each couple living in the cities should only have one child, unless one or both of the couple are from an ethnic minority or they are both only children. ...read more.


In the early stages of this policy, there were some forced abortions and sterilisation carried out by the government to those who did not conform to the policy and fined heavily of up to 10 times their annual earnings. But for those who did, they could indulge in the benefits of having only one child, for example: free education, "priority" university placements and jobs. However there were some exceptions to the rules, Couples were allowed to have another child if the first one was severely handicapped, or somehow died. However, in rural places people could have a second child if the first one was the girl, however if it is a girl again they could not try again; in some areas, people were allowed a second child if they had paid a fee for an official allowance to do so. ...read more.


From the beginning of the 21st century, women now have access to knowledge of the different types of contraception available. 4/What is your view of the policy? After researching this policy, I firmly believe that it is a necessity for the world population to slow down it's rise before it gets too overcrowded, this policy should be implemented in most countries in the world(At a certain degree). I do not really agree with the argument that they are being forced against their own will, as they must know that it is for the good of their country's economic stability. China's preference to boys may have a possible effect on the male-female population structure by having more males it will make it more even as women live longer. Sources: china.org.cn, overpopulation.com, guardian.co.uk ...read more.

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