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Original Writing: Dubai

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-Original Writing: Dubai 'Ladies and Gentleman, we have now arrived in Dubai airport, thank you for flying emirate airlines', announced the captain. It was about time too! The flight from London Heathrow to Dubai was an exhausting one. Stepping of the plane you instantly see what is in front of you. The most magnificent airport I had ever seen. The flowing curves were so amazing to look at, and once inside, we gaped at the amazingly modern airport. The 'mall' inside the market gave us a small insight of the goods that Dubai had to offer. When you step out of the airport, into the Dubai atmosphere for the first time, the change in atmosphere is noticeable. The heat hits you like a fist. After having seen the airport, you will definitely want to head offer and explore the treasures that Dubai has to offer. The first thing that strikes you about Dubai is the contrast of modern and traditional. ...read more.


Whatever you are interested in, Dubai is most sure to have it, whether it is in a shopping mall or market place. Dubai is also on the cutting edge of electronics, with many items being a great deal cheaper than other places. Original Writing: Dubai Having a meal in the city is a difficult decision, with a wide variety of styles of food to match your taste and also shopkeepers bellowing out on the street, in their dodgy English, for you to come and have food in their restaurants 'you like food? Come, I give you tasty food!' However, Dubai isn't all shopping and food, you can head of to the beaches, only 20 minutes away from the city and enjoy a wide variety of water sports which includes Para-sailing and jet-skiing or if you want, just laze about and lap up the great sunshine. The architecture of the buildings in Dubai, are just amazing to look at, and if you like that sort of thing, you should venture out to the outer parts of the city, where you will find beautiful stately homes and beautiful mosques to see. ...read more.


The Burj al Arab raises spectacularly out of the blue waters of the Arabian Gulf on a man made island, and is designed in the shape of a sail. It is well worth going to see, regarded as one of the worlds top hotels, it cost about �20 just to walk in! It dominates the coastline of Dubai along with the Jumeira beach hotel, shaped like a breaking wave. Dubai's shore looks like paradise with these inspirational buildings, golden sand and blue sea. Original Writing: Dubai Dubai was possibly the most fantastic place I have ever visited in my life, the amazing range of things to do will keep, even the most fussy of people, interested and pleased. The sheer beauty of the modern city and surrounding areas are unbelievable, you really have to see it to believe it. It is an ideal holiday for family's and couples, with something to cater for everyone. I would suggest Dubai to anyone who was going on a holiday it has everything Simran Mohan 10R English - Miss Collins ...read more.

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