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Out of Town Shopping Centres need to be Controlled

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'Out of Town Shopping Centres need to be controlled.' Ealing Road (Sainsbury's) Wembley High Road Geography Coursework Made by: Tamkine Hederzada 11Q Mr. Oldham Introduction In the 1990's, new kinds of shops and shopping complexes were evolving out of the old traditional town centres. These new shops have their own advantages to the community but also they have some disadvantages. -Do the out of town shops give everyone good access? An obvious problem that shoppers or consumers have will is getting in and out of shops. -Do the out of town shops cause the town centre to decline? Traffic congestion and poor planning decisions made by the council of Brent are factors to be considered. -Do the new shops improve or damage the environment? The fact that more cars are coming down these areas affects the surrounding environment. The main aim for this coursework is to investigate the impact of new out of town shops in Wembley. The area to be studied is the Wembley shopping area, which includes Ealing Road (Alperton) and High Road. (You can see the maps of these areas on page 1). Hypothesis: "Out of Town Shopping Centres Should Be Controlled" The Hypothesis stated above could be agreed with fully, not at all or partly. In order to prove whether the hypothesis should be agreed with or disagreed with, a survey will need to be carried out assessing the impact of the new shops out of town. The testing of hypothesis begins by looking at the various definitions and background on Wembley. In order to verify these statements, I will need to find my terms and describe the area first. I will then have to device a survey in order to obtain some accurate data. Ealing Road currently serves the Alperton community. There are superstores including J. Sainsbury, B&Q, Halfords, Wickes, and Currys etc. Sainsbury's probably employs the most number of employees and provides the most basics of people's needs ranging from food to petrol. ...read more.


Waking { } Bus { } Car { } Bike { } Train { } 3. How far have you travelled to get here? Less than a mile { } 1-2 miles { } 2-5 miles { } 4. Which age group are you in? 10-20 { } 20-60 { } 60+ { } 5. Do you like shopping here? Yes { } No { } 6. Do you think shops have closed in Wembley because of the new shops on Ealing Road? Yes { } No { } Don't know { } 7. Do you think more 'out of town' stores should be built? Yes{ } No{ } 8. Will you shop at Wembley High Rd more often once the re-building is finished? Yes{ } No{ } 8. Do you think more 'out of town' stores should be built? Results from the Questionnaire How often do you shop here? This graph clearly shows how often the public goes shopping on Ealing Rd (Sainsbury's) and Wembley High Rd. It shows us that there are more people shopping at Wembley High Rd than at Sainsbury's. This graph shows us that 50% of the public goes shopping 2-3 times a week on Wembley High Rd. At Sainsbury's there is about 40% of people shopping once a week as they do more shopping in one go which would last them for about 1 week or more. At Sainsbury's there is 30% of public who does shopping 2-3 times a week and there is 10% who does shopping every day. My questionnaire has shown that people mostly aged 60+ and/or travelling less than a mile does shopping every day or 2-3 times a week at Sainsbury's. At Wembley High Rd there are more people shopping 2-3 times a week or once a week, as there is a large variety of shops. My questionnaire has shown that people mostly aged 60+ goes shopping everyday at Wembley High Rd and it also shows that people shopping at Wembley High Rd once a month are travelling 2-5 miles. ...read more.


Benefits These new superstore clearly have many benefits to the area. The new superstores are massive in size and therefore it would need to employ hundreds of employees. These new superstores have provided many job opportunities to the people around the town and these new stores are also giving good services to many people. Superstores like Sainsbury's have caused a multiplier affect on the Lower Ealing Road and attracted new stores such as B&Q, Currys, Halfords and McDonalds. People who have good access to shopping out of town centre benefits from this multiplier affect as the new stores would cause more job opportunities and attract more people to go shopping out of town (to the Lower Ealing Road). The Hypothesis "Out of town shopping Centres should be controlled", May be agreed with, disagreed with or maybe partly both. I believe that the new shops on Ealing Road are offering many excellent services to the people around the town and there are many people who benefits from them. Although it gives good access to shopping to the middle-aged group, it may not be good access for the younger ones or the elderly people without good access and safe conditions to the pedestrians. I finally conclude my coursework after studying all the graphs, surveys and the photographs by saying that the new shops does give good access to many people and many people if not every one, benefits from these new superstores opening out of town. Evaluation I have learnt a lot from this piece of coursework, although I wasn't here from the beginning to do the Questionnaires and to get all the information about this topic. However, it was a very interesting topic and I have worked hard for it to get the best out of it. The hardest thing for me to do was to actually have to consider the purpose of all the questions because I wasn't there when asking people in town about the questions related to the hypothesis. 16 16 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Human Geography section.

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