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Paxton House Roleplay

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Leisure and Tourism Role Play Hello boys and girls Welcome to Paxton house! I hope you all had a good journey here; I hope you didn't eat to many sweets! My name is Hannah, and I am going to be your tour guide today, I am going to show you around the main house, and the grounds okay? So I hope you are all excited because we have a lot planned for you today! Right then, lets all get our thinking caps on and I will tell you about some of the things we are going to do today. So, one thing we would like to ask you to do is, our Teddy bear hunt. Now with you all being cubs and brownies, I think it will be very easy for you all to spot some teddy bears won't it, because I have noticed you all have your special badges for first aid and other difficult things, so spotting a few teddy bears will be a piece of cake for you won't it? So could we all choose a partner please and then I will tell you what the rules are. Well the rules are very simple. ...read more.


Now while we are in the house, we all have t be very careful when in the rooms. We aren't allowed to touch any of the furniture or the art work as it is all very old and expensive. You will see a lot of art in the house, and this is publicly owned by the national galleries of Scotland. So it is very important that we don't touch it as it is not our property okay. After this, I think it will be time for lunch after I have worked you all so hard! So I hope you have all brought your packed lunches, or we also have a lovely tea-room on the grounds, jus around the corner there. But after lunch, it's back to work, and we are going to have a look around the grounds of Paxton house. Now here at Paxton, there is 80 acres of garden! But don't worry I'm not going to make you walk all around it. But I thought we could take a walk through the woodlands. In there is a red squirrel sanctuary, so we may be lucky enough to see them. ...read more.


None of this might not appeal to you, but here we try to have something for everyone to experience. Here at Paxton house, all of our staff try to work like a big family. We always help each other out with things, and there is always someone there if you need them. Much like a family. I know this is boring for you all, and I know that you are excited to do the teddy bear hunt, but I think it is important for you all to get an understanding of what we do here, so I will make it quick for you, okay? So, at Paxton, to gain more business, we run several family days throughout the open season. This brings lots of families in to join in on the fun, and could help to bring more business. Because if they enjoy the day out, then they may come back again to see what else we have to offer. Well I think I may have bored you enough so I think we should make our ways inside. Thank you ?? ?? ?? ?? Hannah Lumley 11MEW Leisure and tourism Roleplay ...read more.

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