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Planning Trips in the UK for a retired couple and a family.

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Unit 3: The UK as a destination Challenge B: Introduction A domestic tourist is someone who is a resident in the UK and is visiting another part of the UK for  tourists purposes. The types of trips they are likely to take are day  trips, weekend trips or longer stay holidays (staycation). A retired couple from the UK who want a weekend in a cultural city Access to information Before the retired couple can take their break in a cultural city they need to choose which cultural city they want to go to and what it's like. They can find this information on the internet on websites like www.enjoyengland.com  which could help with finding places to go to and places where they could stay. Tourist information centres would also be helpful to the retired couple when they visit as they can provide the couple with information of places to go and visit which is cultural and prices etc. If the retired couple go to a local travel agents near where they live they could also be provided with brochures and leaflets about the  best places to visit and also reviews by people who have visited telling about accommodation they stopped in and what the place is like. ...read more.


Activities Before the retired couple go to there cultural city. they will need to plan the activities they want to do when they are visiting. There is a wide range of activities available for the retired couple these are: sightseeing - which would be good for the retired couple who are going to a cultural city to go and see all the different sights available Cultural + heritage -  historic places will be good for the retired couple as historical and cultural places go well together and well improve the couples break Shopping - There are a wide range of shops for clothes shopping or gift shops so the tourists can either go shopping for clothes or visit a gift shop and get a souvineer from there visit there cultural city Eating out - If the retired couple decide to eat out they will also need what and where they are going to eat and if they need to book at a certain restaurant they want to eat in Entertainment- There are various shows on around cultural cities each contain of caberats or musicals. So the couple may want to experience one of theses like a musical whilst they are visiting and may have to book in advance Relaxation & Walking - The retired couple may want to go on walks whilst in the cultural cities to see some sights which are historic and cultural this may also help them relax. ...read more.


and to know what tourists get before they go and what expectations there are. This can help with the retired couple making a decision on whether they are going stopping in a certain place and what type of accommodation they are stopping in. It could also help with the different attractions they are going to visit when they are there and could affect their decisions on which places they are going to visit. Activities Before the family go to there chosen theme park. they will need to plan the activities they want to do when they are visiting. There is a vast range of activities available for the family these are: Cultural + heritage -  The theme park maybe historic in its self and provide the tourist with historic and cultural information Shopping - There will be a few gift shops so the tourists can visit a gift shop and get a souvineer from their visit to the theme park Eating out - The family will be most likely to be eating whilst they are in the theme park and mostly every theme park has fast food restaurants which will provide the family with food for there day out Entertainment-  A theme park like Camelot has entertainment like jousting which goes on during the day and could provide the family with entertainment if they want to see something like that as well as the entertainment out of the rides ...read more.

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