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Population growth

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POPULATION GROWTH ONE CHILD POLICY! In 1979 China was facing one of the biggest problems with popluation control, the birth rates were increasing.China was was an LEDC for many reasons, there were large numbers of families, the chinese people were not educated on how to control birth rates, they had no access to contraception therefore the the population was rapidly increasing. With a high density of popluation there was not enough jobs for people, countless chinese people were living in poverty and not enough medical services were provided. The chinese government introduced a new law called 'The one child policy' this allowed couples to have only one child. CONSEQUENCES After the 'one child policy' was introduced, the Chinese population was slowly decreasing- the birth rates gradually dropped down. ...read more.


As a result china would have fewer women, with more men so the population is ageing. There would be more dependent (old) people in the country in addition to look after them there has to be more economically independent people. 1. This graph shows the total population growth in China. The red squares in the key represent total population; in the graph the population is increasing even though a census was taken in 2000 the government said that the population was steady. The death rate in 1979 was around 7.0. METHODS TO CONTROL POPLUATION India also had an issue with population control however they tackled population growth with a different method. The Indian government decided to try a more 'humane' way instead of following the Chinese method. ...read more.


I think that the Chinese policy was effective because the population rapidly decreased; I assume that the one-child policy was worth it only for a particular time because when you see the 2005 census the birth rate is still not as it is supposed to be. I think that this was a method that would put a lot pressure on people and encourage them to agree with this policy, about 75% of people in china agreed with this policy. Even though this is not humanity they had to put a quick stop to the growing population or the country would be in poverty, and many people would be starving. Personally I think it was worth it but it was not the right thing to do as they could have tried other methods to see which one would be best. ...read more.

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