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Portobello Road Investigation

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Page1 Contents Page2 Introduction Page3 Map of Kensington And Chelsea Page4 Map of Portobello Road and Surroundings Page5 Introduction continued Page6 Questionnaire Results Page7 Methodology Page8 Results D Page9 Land Use Map Key Page10 Land Use Map Page11 Land Use Map Page12 Land Use Map Page13 Land Use Map Page14 Land Use Map Page15 Land Use Map Page16 Land Use Classification Graph Page17 Photos Page18 House Photos Page19 Census Data Page20 Results Page21 Shopping Survey Page22 Conclusion The question I am investigating is 'What was Portobello Road like 5 years ago?' This is going to be about how much it's changed and developed over the last few years. I will also predict what I think Portobello Road will be like in the future. The Investigation is part of Geography coursework. At the end of the investigation, I would have like to have a detailed account of what Portobello Road was like 5 years ago and what it is like nowadays. Also what the future has in store for Portobello Road. The changing of Portobello Road is a geographical issue and is interesting to geographers because the land is always changing so there is lots to investigate. ...read more.


(See Results C) I went to an estate agent to find out the cost of houses and flats on Portobello Road. They vary depending on the type of place and how big it is (See Results D) I also did a Land Use Survey to see how many shops there were in each category (See Maps F, G, and H). I have compared it to a Land Use Map of a few years ago to see the difference (See Map I, J and K) and (See Graph L). There were quite a few vacant premises. I think this is because it wasn't as popular or well known at the time. There were mainly shoppers goods then. This included antique stores. Though the number of antique shops has doubled. There was quite a large variety on most of the road apart from the north end, which were mainly antique shops. This was done by walking down Portobello Road and checking each type of shop. Another primary source was an Environmental Quality Survey. This is assessing the buildings and area to see how clean it is. ...read more.


Overall I think the changes are for the better. But the locals may disagree. Some feel the new shops are ruining Portobello Road and that the small businesses should have stayed close to them. Some days the street may be half-empty as the weather could be bad or people have to go to work or have other places to be. Portobello Road doesn't need too many changes in my opinion. It would help to place more bins on the south end of the street, as it's the busiest because of market stalls. Overall, I think highly of Portobello Road. It has something for everyone. Whether it's some expensive antiques or some bread from the supermarket. Portobello Road is here to stay and the way its going it is turning into the most popular market in the UK. Thousands of tourists constantly visit so there must be something good about it. The housing quality has vastly improved since the days of war when they were cheap and grotty. There are plans to build more flats, as there is a high demand for these. There are people willing to pay large sums of money for them. Internet Census data World Atlas Prity Patel 11CX ...read more.

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