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Potentially Positive Effects of Climate Change

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´╗┐Climate change is the change of climate which is attributed directly or indirectly to human activity that alters the composition of the global atmosphere and which is in addition to natural climate variability observed over comparable time periods. Base on a definition by United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Article 1. Often, climate change is associated with the effects of global warming which causes the rising global temperature. With the continual focus by the media on the serious and potentially disastrous circumstances surrounding climate change, there is another side that rarely gets noticed by the public. There are possibilities and opportunities presented by these same circumstances ? the other side of the climate change. The three new opportunities brought by climate change is definitely the opening of artic trade route, boost in the agriculture industry and fewer death rates caused by extreme cold weather. Firstly, climate change often associates with the rise of temperatures which causes the melting of artic icebergs. One new opportunity created by the melting of icebergs is the opening of artic trade routes, enabling a faster route between the west and Asia. ...read more.


For example, Russia currently charge ships about US$200,000 for one of its nine atomic-powered ice-breakers to accompany ships in case it stuck in the icy artic region. Russia is definitely able to make a lot of profit through the opening of the new trade route created by the melting of artic icebergs. Secondly, the climate change is also able to bring about the agricultural business boost in several regions due to the rising temperatures. As global temperature start rising, there is definitely some agricultural industry that could benefit from rising temperatures. For several species of several crops such as watermelon, tomatoes, peppers, peaches, and European red wine grape varieties, they require a higher temperature of it to thrive in and produce better yield. Thus, with the global temperature rising, these species of agricultural products would be able to be grown and yield in much better quality and quantity than currently. These crops will do better, and a warmer, longer summer creating new opportunities for farmers. This moderate warming and no increase in extreme weather events will tend to benefit those attempting to grow crops that are currently a challenge to produce in the region because of the cool temperatures. ...read more.


This is because with the increase of global temperature, the winter seasons in many countries are able to be warmer; this reduces a lot of cold illness caused by cold temperatures. Warm periods have always benefited plants and animals. The world has thrived during the warming periods between the ice ages. Cold periods have always caused serious survival problems for all organisms including mankind. Scientific studies show that there will be 40,000 fewer deaths each year in the U.S. In Britain alone, scientists estimate that about 30,000 deaths a year are related to cold winter weather. Warmer temperatures in the U.S. will reduce medical costs by about $20 billion every year. This rise in the global temperature caused by climate change and global warming will reduce the death rate annually and also medical costs caused by cold temperatures. In conclusion, climate change is definitely not a good thing, as it brings about much disastrous harm to the world. However, it is also established that with the climate change, there are also new benefits and opportunities brought by mainly due to the rising global temperature. Therefore, climate change is not all bad. ...read more.

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