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Power To The People

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Power to the People Introduction This essay compares energy usage in different parts of the world. The term Energy production means a type of energy and where and how it is made. Energy consumption is an Energy source and the percentage of it used in the world .Oil, Coal and Gas are made from fossil fuels - dead plants and animals, which are dug up from deep in the ground. They are also the most popular sources of energy and are 87.8% of the world's energy use. Whilst Solar, Wind and Geothermal are used by a measly 0.025% of the World's energy. They are sustainable sources of energy; Solar power uses the Sun to gain heat and light energy, which can then be transformed into electric energy. ...read more.


Peru is in South America and uses mostly wood energy to survive, whereas the United Kingdom uses a variety of different energy and mostly it is unsustainable. Discussion Energy usage in Peru is very slight. Peru is an LEDC so they do not have as much money as us so they cant afford to buy a lot of electric energy .In Amazonias the men travel for miles every day to find dead wood or fallen branches to cut up and use for firewood it takes a long time and is very tiring. When they get home the women use the firewood to make the dinner. Cooking on an open wood fire is very dangerous and unhelpful; the thick black smoke pollutes the air and the fire is in a small room with lots of people inside, they breathe in the smoke often making the mucus in their nose black! ...read more.


The electric has also meant that some lucky families can watch TV in their own homes, use electrical appliances like a cooker or washing machine and the women of the village can be schooled at night whilst their children are asleep. The energy in Amazonian is renewable because they are the dead branches of a tree so it is sustainable. Also the ash from the wood fire can be spread on the earth because it has a lot of nutrients in it to help plants grow. The energy in La Pecca is non renewable, although it is sustainable, because it is made by water. So when it rains the big water tower fills up, but there is no ways of getting that water back once it has been transformed into electric energy, unless it works like this: - ...read more.

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