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Problems found in LEDC Shanty Towns and Solutions that are being Implented.doc

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Problems found in LEDC Shanty Towns and Solutions that are being Implemented Cairo, Egypt Housing � Thousands of people migrate to Cairo every week and need shelter. � Some decide to live in the medieval heart of Cairo which was once one of the world's greatest trading centres. � Now it is one of the greatest slums in Cairo. � Every possible space is taken here - roofs pavements and rooms. � There are no services and not much room. � Some people decide to live in the City of Dead which is below city grounds and is where pharaohs were buried. � The people live in the tombs which are much cleaner than the medieval apartments but have momentums of the dead inside. � There are no services here ad the dead did not need any. � New housing is being built, but not many people are buying these as they are too expensive for the poor and it is too far away from their work. ...read more.


� There used to be popular train and tram systems in place. � Now the road system overshadows earlier forms of transport. � Traffic is everywhere in Cairo and traffic hour is nearly all day. � There is a bus system which is used heavily, and is cheap. � There is also a minibus system which is a cross between a taxi and a bus - all of the people in the minibus each pay the cost. � New roads are being built everywhere. � There is also an underground metro system being built which eases traffic in hope to remove 140, 000 people off the road. Bombay, India Housing � People move from the country into the city because they cannot afford to live in the country and due to drought and soil erosion, work is scarce. � When they first move to the city, people squat on the outskirts of the city and count themselves lucky if they find a small space. ...read more.


� It is a group of women who help the community and they help each other. � Street children pay the women to cook them food. � They Mahila Milan women also educate and provide social contact for the street children. � The literate women help the illiterate women with banking and housing. � The women convinced the council to give them land to make houses. � The group are going to build houses similar to the houses along the railway lines. � The government have site and service schemes. � They provide a site - piece of land. � They give services - will drill the hole for the borehole, will provide pit latrines/toilets, will put in place a water and sewage system and maybe a purifying plant to purify the water from the sewage. � This depends on the government and where. � In Brazil, the government relocated people to a new town called Brasilia in the countryside and provided jobs in Amazon. Brasilia is now the capital of Brazil. Ammun Dhoot ...read more.

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