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Queensland, Australia

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Where is Queensland? Queensland is in the northeast of the mainland island. It is bordered by the Northern territory to the west, to the southwest it is bordered by South Australia and to the south it is bordered by New South Wales. To the northeast it is surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef and to the west it is bordered by the Pacific Ocean. What is Queensland like? Queensland is known as 'the sunshine state'. Along the north of the beautiful section of Australia is the Great Barrier Reef which is 7th in the top 10 natural wonders of the world it stretches 233KM along Queensland, it has 2,313 species of fish, turtles and sharks not including dolphins. ...read more.


The animals are changing as well; in 1935 cane toads were introduced to the wild to help pest control however their numbers have spiralled out of control. In 1901 Queensland had only half a million people; by 2005 the population had risen to almost 4million, its population is now just over 4million. Where is the Northern Territory? To the north of the Northern Territory lays the Arafura Sea, to the north north east lays The Gulf of Carpentaria. To the East is Queensland and to the South is South Australia and to the West is Western Australia. What is the Northern Territory like? Most of the Northern Territory is unpopulated. ...read more.


of Australia's Green house gases, today it produces just under 2.4%. Between 1981 and 2021 the population of the Northern Territory is expected to rise from 192,000 to 300,000 as more people move there to get jobs. Comparing Queensland and Northern Territory Queensland is very densely populated compared to the northern territory, probably because of the Great Barrier Reef, meaning more fishing for fishermen. It is also majorly bigger it has more major cities and is closer to the south where most people live. Queensland also doesn't have as much wasted space, if you want to call it that, because most of the outback resides in the Northern territory. ...read more.

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