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Mausam Bhanji, P.O Box 10052 Nairobi, Kenya 20th January 2005 The Editor, The Sunday Standard, P.O. Box 61799 Nairobi Dear Sir, RE: USE OF THE BREATHALYSER IS ILLEGAL I am writing in response to an article in The Sunday Standard on the 18th of last month, by Mr. Kibe Mungai. The article outlined the use of the breathalyser and why it was unnecessary to bring in the 'alco-blow', as it is known. In the article, Mr. Kibe also describes the breathalyser as being illegal. I feel it needs some attention seeing that it is causing a lot of havoc in the country. Firstly, Mr. Kibe described the consumption of 50 milligrams of alcohol as "standing on statutory and constitutional quicksand." By stating this, he implies that this rule will not exactly work. ...read more.


As quoted in the article, "every Kenyan driver knows that poor or cratered roads, defective vehicles and sheer carelessness and reckless driving are the major causes of road traffic accidents." the author here is trying to portray that the breathalyser was not a necessity if you want to save Kenyans on the roads. Instead, solve those other problems. I am not saying that there are no such cases on drunken driving. Drink and drive cases there despite the fact that they are minimal. Personally, I feel that the money spent on this superfluous cause would rather have been spent on aid to send to the unfortunate victims of famine than on the alco-blow. The writer also points out a clause under the Traffic Act under section 44(1). ...read more.


In addition, different people have different consumption levels. For instance, from two people, one of them could have a lower consumption level than the other and could easily get drunk after consuming one bottle of alcohol despite the fact that the other could keep going until he has finished six bottles. Another thing I would like to adjoin is that, in my opinion, the introduction of the breathalyser is just a gimmick by the police and the government to make enough money out of going by the high amount of bribes that they are bound to get and, soon enough, after their goal has been reached, they will probably outdate it. In conclusion, I would like to say that I fully agree with the writer of this article and that the breathalyser is not a concept that the government has brought in for the benefit of the people of this country. Yours faithfully, Mausam Bhanji ...read more.

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