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Report on an Under-Developed Country. Nepal.

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´╗┐Nepal Have you ever been to a country where our past is in the present and our present is going to be in the future? Nepal is an undeveloped country and it is one of the ?ten unprosperous countries? (Tessa Feller) in the world. Nepal is one of the most religious countries and is the only official Hindu state in the world. Nepal was only introduced to the world in 1951. Before that, Nepal was under the rule of the Rana?s, who did not allow any tourist to enter. Now, Nepal is once again a monarchy. Since then, Nepal is being introduced to many modern equipment and settlements. It is very depressing for Nepal, having to face this situation when it has many tourist attractions, and many people would like to visit a society completely different from their own. ...read more.


The Himalayas are not just high mountains which are climbed to prove someone?s ability; they are mountains sacred to gods. Many people visit to catch a glimpse of the world?s highest mountain, Mount Everest. These mountains bring publicity and money to Nepal. TV?s and computers give happiness and entertainment to people all across the world, but in countries like Nepal this type of entertainment cannot be afforded by the country. Nepal is one of the ten poorest countries in the world. There are no TV?s, no internet and there only ?public washrooms where everyone can see you? (Tessa Feller). The ?GDP per capita income for Nepal is only $1000? (CIA World Factbook). In Canada, families spend around $1000 in one month. How can people expect Nepalese to spend $1000 in a year? ...read more.


?There are around seven major infectious diseases in Nepal including HIV/AIDS. There are around sixty-one thousand people living with HIV/AIDS and around three thousand one-hundred people died because of it. Around sixty-two out of one thousand babies die.? (CIA World Factbook) Also Nepal lacks in education. Only children over fifteen can read and write (48.6 % of population can read and write). The donations of people are needed to save many lives in Nepal. Remember, a baby shouldn?t be blamed for something it didn?t do. Tourism brings money and publicity, but it lacks quality. The economy is very poor causing the country to be undeveloped. Also, there are poor living conditions, which affect children in many ways. Donation and investment of companies and others can increase the economy and help develop it. Also, it can save many lives! Be a friend to those people who suffer from these poor conditions. A friend in need is a friend indeed. ...read more.

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