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Research into the American state of Wisconsin

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United States of America I have chosen to write about the United States because I find the country to be quite fascinating. In order to spare both you and me from a text a man could write for his entire life and still not be finished, I'm going to focus on one specific state. That state is Wisconsin. Wisconsin Wisconsin is located in the north-central part of the United States and is part of the Midwest. It borders to the three neighboring states Iowa, Minnesota and Michigan. Madison Wisconsin's capital is Madison, which can be found in the south-central part of the state. Madison is often called "the people's republic of Wisconsin" because its inhabitants are known for voting on the Democratic Party for the last century. The people of Madison seem to generally be much more politically liberal than the rest of the nation. For example, there was a vote in 2006 about banning gay marriage in the state. More than 76% of Madison's population voted no. The Freedom from Religion Foundation was founded in Madison. Their mission is to make every government differ between religion and state. ...read more.


Well, the abolition of, that is. Wisconsin was a free state from its foundation and this was reflected in its citizens. Wisconsin was what you might call the center for northern abolitionism. Here you did not have to worry about being struck down by an angry mob if you spoke out against slavery. It was quite the contrary actually. The subject of slavery was especially hot in 1854. A runaway slave was captured by local authorities in Racine (A small mining town in Wisconsin), but was broken out by an angry mod of abolitionists. In the aftermath of this incident, the Supreme Court of Wisconsin declared the fugitive slave law1 invalid. It was no coincidence that a few months later, in March of 1854, the Republican Party was founded by anti-slavery activists. When the civil war came, Wisconsin immediately joined... This part should be pretty obvious if you have been paying attention, but for clarification-purposes I'm going to say it anyway. They joined the Union. They played a vital role in the war, supplying more than 90 000 troops to the American battlefields. ...read more.


I really like their liberality. I think that's why they are so innovative. I mean, if you believe in freedom and the right to do what you want (within acceptable boundaries, of course) then you probably won't shoot down new ideas on a regular basis like we do here in Sweden. The more I read about Wisconsin, the more I felt like "hey... this seems like a pretty nice place". Maybe even some seeds were planted as to moving there someday. Maybe not, who knows. I can tell you something I do know though. When I read about the pedophile "issues" they had there, I have to say that was a deal breaker for me. I am not going to move and maybe get a family in a city with the biggest pedophilia problem in the US. If you can (somehow) disregard that fact it seems wonderful. Boatloads of smart people, a lot of jobs, low taxes (5%!) and a good location. If someone asked me about Wisconsin, I would not recommend it. Well, maybe for adults on a vacation, but there are probably more amusing places you can travel to than the "badger state". 1 A law which declared that all runaway slaves should be brought back to their masters. 2 American immigrants of English origin. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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