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Review of Barcelona

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Barcelona Climate Graph 1 Monthly Climate Statistics Barcelona, Spain Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Avg. Max. 13�C 14�C 16�C 17�C 20�C 24�C 27�C 28�C 26�C 21�C 17�C 14�C Avg. Min. 4�C 5�C 7�C 8�C 12�C 16�C 19�C 19�C 17�C 12�C 8�C 6�C Mean 9�C 9�C 11�C 13�C 16�C 20�C 23�C 23�C 21�C 17�C 12�C 10�C Avg. Precip. N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Graph 2. Graph 2 shows that rainfall in Barcelona is very low through out the year and is at its highest in March, September and October. Graph 1 shows that temperature, as it's highest in June, July and August, at a mean average of 200C . This shows that Barcelona has a quite hot summer climate and that the rainfall is very little through out the year. Topography Barcelona was built between the hill of Tibidabo and the Mediterranean Sea. Tibidabo is the highest peak in the Collserola range of hills. ...read more.


With Indian cuisine, Pakistani cuisine, French cuisine, Italian cuisine, Seafood, Vegetarian, and the Local and Regional specialities. It also has quite a lot Internet cafes, showing that the city caters for all tastes. Entertainment Barcelona offers a hugely wide selection for entertainment. It has a very wide selection of shops in the city from, clothes; you should look for Catalan designers such as Toni Miro and Adolfo Dominguez. Also leather shoes, bags, wallets and belts can be stunning and a good value. To jewellery, law and music to gardening, automotive and arts and craft. Barcelona also has the very famous Nou Camp with a 125,000 all seated capacity, which is home to the football club Barcelona F.C. Barcelona is not the only famous club in Catalonia as there is also Deportivo la courna which are rivals to Barcelona F.C. If Barcelona wins then you can expect there to be parties of a mass scale carrying on until early hours of the morning. The city also has a wide selection of other entertainment facilities in the city catering for all ages such as the amusement park, which caters for the young families visiting the city. ...read more.


Visitor Types Barcelona brings in a lot of tourists to the city, down to the fact that it is a very historical city, what would be classed as a holiday city for historians. It also has a very good nightlife, which also attracts young people for nightlife. With bars, nightclubs and discotheques Barcelona has the nightlife to attract the young people as well as any other tourist. Barcelona has one of the widest visitor types that a city can attract with young people coming into the city for nightlife, middle-aged people who visit the city for the sights and atmosphere and to for a relaxing holiday. The city will also attract historians for its historic backgrounds and Barcelona brings in other visitor types tough, with maybe businessmen and woman visiting the city on business trips. What tends to happen a lot is that businessmen like to bring their wives along with them so they can go shopping in and around the city. This is also bringing another visitor type to the city of Barcelona. Also another visitor type coming to the city may be people coming just to visit their friends or family or even both, in the city of Barcelona. ...read more.

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