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Standard of Living - Measure of wealth in families or individuals. Measured using Gross National Income. If unemployment is high standard of living usually low. Standard of living is mainly about people's possessions. Quality Of Life - Measured with ;- Family Friends Community we live in Happiness Uni College Discos Entertainment Education Bus School Transport Health Care Aeroplane Car Doctors Hospitals Friends & Family Quality Of Life Also Depends On Health Problems E.G Asthma, Heart Disease, Obesity Etc. Can Have Huge Impacts On Someone's Life. Quality Of Life Is Defined As..... Social Environment - Things That Influence Our Happiness Built Environment - Manmade Features e.g. Housing, Roads Economic Environment - Referring to how much money you have Terraced Semi-Detached A row of houses joined together Two houses joined together . ...read more.


This is mainly because the central business district is more accessible than any where else so there is competition for commercial shops. This is mainly why buildings tend to be built upwards instead of outwards, because it's cheaper. Instead Of KEY TERMS CBD - Commercial part of town or city with highest land costs Inner City - Mostly older housing and light industry Suburbs - Residential area of town or city in outer edge of the city Rural Urban Fringe - A mix between countryside and little residents Urbanisation - Increase of people living in towns or cities Urban Sprawl - Unplanned and uncontrolled growth of urban areas in countryside Greenfield Sites - Countryside not yet built upon Greenbelt - Area of land around an urban area where the housing and industry is restricted and countryside is protected Brownfield Site - Disused and ...read more.


There are 10,000 homes going to be built in the greenbelt of West Stevenage. Why Build On Brownfield Sites? Environmentalist argued that: * There a 3/4 million homes unoccupied in cities. * 1.3 houses could be made by splitting up large houses and using above shops * 1.3 million built on vacant and derelict land * 1/3 million houses using old industrial/commercial premises e.g. Plaza * Urban living reduces needs use cars to go to CBD Why Build On Greenfield Sites? Developers claim that: * People would like their own home with a garden and driveway. * There is a better quality of life in rural areas. * Land is cheaper to build on in rural areas. If they do build on the Greenbelt of West Stevenage...... * only 27.5% of the 10,000 will be affordable dwellings * there will be 37 dwellings per hectare instead of planned 30 per hectare * Building will be on Greenfield land * ...read more.

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