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SAC summary

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society refers to the way people organise themselves culture refers to the values, arts, technology, laws and beliefs that bind a society together persons individuals who are shaped by their society and culture. they develop a social and cultural identity, and learn to communicate with other persons in a society environment physical setting of a society time past, present and future also indicator of continuity and change power allows people to bring others to do things they may not normally do authority legitimate use of influence/persuasion gender how society constructs the differences between men and women technology tools that make life easier sociology primarily concerned with how urban and national societies work anthropology study of human societies and cultures psychology ...read more.


easy to compare. hard to find large enough sample size to make findings meaningful qualitative research requires good deal of interpretation by researcher (interviews, doesn't produce numerical data). biggest danger is accepting information uncritically. mostly opinion, not fact. needs to be evaluated before final report SOCIALY AND CULTURAL LITERACY * self aware, with a sense of personal, social and cultural identity * take interest in, observes and asks questions about the micro (immediate) and macro (wider) world * discernment towards media * capable of informed decision making * takes considered action on social issues * empathises with people of different societies and social issues * communicates effectively * understands continuity and change * shows concern for the welfare, rights and dignity of all people MASAI CULTURE similar different opposite * live on Great Rift Valley in Kenya (East Africa) ...read more.


also have heads shaved * olngesherr is ritual of becoming an elder. involves head being shaved. only circumcised women may marry responsiblities * womens responsibility to maintain her hut * responsibility of bring up a child is done by whole community * children are responsible for simple tasks (e.g. herding lambs), but are not punished if not done correctly * worriors responsible for protecting tribe * elders responsible for maintaining tradition power * warriors, fighting * women, choice of lover * males, decision making authority * elders - laws, decision making, customs * mothers - rites of passage * parents - roll models technology * little obvious use * some western technology increasing * education increasing in importance environment * savannah * dry, 2 seasons * large, wild animals * loss of traditional lands ...read more.

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