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Settlement Hierarchy Project

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Settlement Hierarchy Settlement hierarchy is the process by which settlements are put in order, based upon, the services they provide or their size. There are three ways in which they can be ordered, these are: * Population size; the bigger the population, the higher ranked they are. (see fig. 1) * The further away they are from large from large settlements, the further away, the higher they are ranked. * The range and amount of services, the more range and services, the higher they are ranked. Bid-rent theory and transport nodes Transport Nodes- a transport node is an area where many different types of transport and routes meet, like a cross road, therefore this makes this area very accessible for the public. Most shops want to build near this point because of its accessibility and therefore the land around the transport node is very expensive. Bid rent theory- As I explained in the previous paragraph, the most desirable land in a town is around the transport node, big shops and banks really want to be situated where the most potential customers will visit. Hence PLVI or the peak land value intersection, only the big shops and banks can make profit in this area. Smaller shops and business's are found further away from the PLVI where the land is cheaper and less desirable. Further out from this, is the transition zone, this is the land that is cheapest, which makes it very desirable for industries, such as large factories and warehouses, also some shops will be found in this area which don't necessarily deal with lots of people face to face. ...read more.


I have defined high order as being goods or services that cost more than �20, and low order, as goods or services costing less than �20. The pie chart shows that only 2% of the shops in Newport provide a service, of which all of these are high order services. The high percentage of high order goods or national/chain stores proves that the transport node of Newport is definitely situated in the town centre, as big shops like these, would only locate themselves here, if it was the biggest customer population. This goes on to prove that the PLVI is also situated In the town centre, as the land around the transport node, is most desirable to banks and big shops, hence this is the most expensive land. Additional proof of this can be established by the fact that 4% of buildings in Newport town centre are either banks or other financial buildings, and 2% of the buildings are high order services, both of these would also only locate in the area with the biggest customer population. Although, the pie chart also contrasts with the bid-rent, theory, as 19% of the buildings are vacant, and 3% are non-commercial. The vacancies may be due to competition from other shopping centres, and maybe over time, the non-commercial buildings will be bought by the bigger shops. This chart shows that 49% of shops in Caldicot town centre sell goods. 19% of the buildings sell, high order goods, or are national chain stores. ...read more.


Although if there are lots of big shops outside the town centre, where there are good public transport links and easy parking, the public will start shopping there instead. This will in turn cause less people to pass the shop windows in the town centres and therefore the shops will lose profits. There is already evidence of this happening in Newport, where 19% of buildings are vacant. However, Caldicot town centre will not be affected much at all, as people don't shop for the same things in Caldicot town centre as they would do in Cribbs Causeway. Only 17% of the shops in Caldicot town Centre are national/chain stores or sell high order goods. Where as in Cribbs Causeway, most of the shops fall into the high order categories. Therefore people will shop in Caldicot for their low order goods and services, and in Cribbs Causeway for high order goods, because there are very few, if any low order services in Cribbs Causeway, where as 10%of shops in Caldicot offer low order services. This pie chart shows that High order goods, dominate land use 0-50m from the PLVI and national chain stores. It also shows that in comparison to the pie chart representing the whole on Newport town centre there are high percentages of higher order services and financial buildings. In the chart representing the whole of Newport town centre, only 4% of buildings are financial, where as 0-50m from the PLVI % are financial buildings. In the case of high order services there is a 2% increase from 8%-10% ...read more.

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