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sheffield retail services

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Sheffield retail services The Devonshire quarter Introduction- Located directly west of Sheffield's city centre, the Devonshire Quarter is half a square mile of cosmopolitan chic. It is home to a vibrant mix of nationally acclaimed award-winning shops, cafe-bars, restaurants and apartments and even has its own spa! The unique character of the Devonshire Quarter has been forged over the past decade to create an alternate and happening place to live, shop, wine and dine... Fresh fashion boutiques, independent music stores, design shops and destination bars line the route from the city hall through to the stunning new residential and retail development, West One. The focal point of the area is the Devonshire Green, which comes alive in the summer. Here you will find city livers and workers alike chilling out in the evening sun whilst cool kids play in the skate park. Created by Sheffield's up-and-coming entrepreneurs and forward thinking inhabitants, the Devonshire Quarter is a wonderful fusion of urban style and 21st Century city living that is full of life night and day. ...read more.


The Devonshire Quarter has been developed on a 19th century street grid and this offers a high degree of legibility and permeability. The development of Glossop Road saw the area evolve as residential and commercial area based around the traditional light industries such as cutlery making. The typical built form reflected the early industrial uses of the area and consisted of terraced housing, factories and little master's workshops. The character of the quarter changed in the post-war period as slum clearances saw the demolition of the majority of its residential areas, leaving a patchwork of vacant sites amongst the failing industrial uses. However, some important clusters of buildings of industrial heritage remain, around Division Street, Milton Street and Trafalgar Street. Division Street is now establishing itself as a predominately residential mixed use location with specialist shopping, leisure and entertainment facilities. Aberdeen Court on Division Street is good example of adaptive reuse of industrial buildings, now accommodating small independent commercial and retail units. There is also the modern mixed use development West One, an imposing building of 7-8 storeys which terminates the vista along Division Street. ...read more.


The developments are extremely beneficial to the younger generation of Sheffield as it provides housing and a lot of retail facilities to suit all tastes. But in general the whole of Sheffield has benefited from the changes because it generally a lot nicer place to visit and look at. There aren't very many problems caused by the changes apart from the attraction of young people has brought with it a slight vandalism problem that is quite easily controlled. In the future the Devonshire quarter will continue to grow and expand and generally just modernise along with time. Conclusion- I think the Devonshire quarter is a fantastic example of retail services in Sheffield it has anything, anyone would want in a small area. It is a massive benefit to Sheffield as not only has it got great retail facilities but it hosts numerous more great things to do. It is also close to the train station so its uniqueness attracts people to spend money and perhaps visit Sheffield again. ?? ?? ?? ?? Maisie Dolan 10DPA 1 Geography Coursework - Sheffield Services - Retail - Devonshire Quarter ...read more.

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