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Shopping Coursework

Extracts from this document...


Rebecca Millhouse There is a greater variety of shops on Chichester High Street than East Wittering High Street, so more people will travel further, but less often, to shop there. Introduction Ideas, Concepts and Processes During the month of August 2009, I collected the data for my geography coursework. As I was to be on holiday for the whole of my summer break I chose to investigate two locations near my holiday location, East Wittering High Street and Chichester High Street. I chose these two locations as they are suitably different whilst still being in a similar enough location that people will have heard of both. I chose to study Shopping, from the topic Settlement, as my Geography Coursework Topic, as I believe that shopping is changing. Less people go to the small village shops that are near them, instead travelling further to use large supermarkets or even buying their shopping online and having it delivered. Shopping is no longer a leisurely past time, instead it's become a chore and less and less people are spending their weekends at the shopping areas near them, but if they do go shopping, it becomes a great task involving a long travel, or great expense. My Hypothesis There is a greater variety of shops on Chichester High Street than East Wittering High Street, so more people will travel further, but less often, to shop there. This was then split into four, key questions; 1. What attracts shoppers to Chichester and East Wittering? 2. How often do people shop in Chichester and East Wittering? 3. How far will people travel to shop in Chichester or East Wittering? 4. How is shopping different in Chichester or East Wittering? Locating the Study Area The two Locations of Chichester and East Wittering are located on the South Coast of England, in the county of West Sussex, bordering Surrey on the North. ...read more.


This helps me prove what attracts people as if there are more shoppers in Chichester then I can see that comparison goods are what attract people to shopping towns, and if there are more shoppers in East Wittering I can say its convenience items. When looking at my EQI results, figures 1a and 1b, I can see that overall Chichester has a higher environmental quality than East Wittering because the totals of Chichester are lower. This is because East Wittering had higher scores in Boring, Cramped and Poor with four, but low scores in Friendly, Safe and Homely. Although one total of East Wittering is about equal to a result in Chichester which can help us see that not all of the locations are hugely different. These results help me to understand that in certain aspects, East Wittering is not as nice as Chichester mostly to do with its wealth and planning, however there are areas which make East Wittering more appealing to shoppers than Chichester. There is a nice environment in Chichester which attracts people to shop there, and if I link this to figure 3b where 27% of people were attracted because of the street appearance I can see that perhaps the reason many people shop in Chichester is because it looks nice and they are encouraged to shop there again. Looking at my annotated photographs, figures 6a and 6b, I can see what attracts shoppers to each location. In East Wittering there are benches and plants along the side of the street which improve the aesthetics of the street and a pedestrian crossing which makes the shoppers feel safer. In Chichester, figures 7a, 7b and 7c, there are similar street decorations but instead the area is pedestrianised which makes shopping there safer and there are many bins placed alongside the street which encourages people to throw their rubbish away to prevent them from littering and also helps to encourage people to recycle in the recycling bins. ...read more.


If I could spend longer on the investigation I would probably collect data from all seasons as well as comparing my two locations to others of similar size and placement to get a more rounded example of shopping. With my photos, being only taken on one day in each location, I cannot see how the streets may look different in different lights or weathers and how this may affect the attractiveness of the street. To overcome this, if I repeated the investigation, I could take a variety of photos in different seasons to get the better idea of what the overall attractiveness of the street is like. My shopping transect is also not a fully fair representation of Chichester as I only looked at one street out of the four and the different streets will have different types of shops on them. For example there are a high number of banks on the street that I looked at, but there may be no other banks in the whole of the town, which makes me assume that different shops in the other streets compared to the data I collected on the street I was investigating. I understand that this lowers my validity. Overall I think that my investigation was a success and that I managed to prove my hypothesis true. However this may be an incorrect assumption from biased data because it was only collected over one month and I assume that only certain people have answered the questionnaire. The high streets may have had a sudden rush of people when I was doing my pedestrian counts or there may have been some kind of event which cleared the streets. Anything could have made the results inaccurate. To find out if these results really are true, I, or someone else, would have to complete another investigation which they could then compare to my own to find out whether more people really do shop in Chichester because of its variety of shops or whether it's just the closest one. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Human Geography section.

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