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Shopping Developments. This paper will illustrate how three types of malls are in existence in today's society.

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The Mall Informative Essay Shopping Malls have been in existence for years. The first purposefully mall built was located in St. Petersburg in 1785. This mall consisted of hundreds of shops that were accessible under one roof. The Oxford Covered Market in Oxford, England was opened in 1774 and continues to be a service to the country. The Arcade of Cleveland was one of the first indoor shopping malls in the United States. This shopping mall set the standards for the shopping malls to come. Malls have been a significant part of our lives and are now a part of our culture. This paper will illustrate how three types of malls are in existence in today's society. ...read more.


They have become a place for entertainment. The traditional mall has been afforded movie theaters, large chain restaurants, various skating rinks, merry-go-rounds and trains, and indoor playgrounds. These types of malls attract individuals from all walks of life and ages that like to not only shop but also enjoy a night at the movies or while shopping, allowing their children to have a blast on the train or playground. A strip mall is an open area where there are several stores located in that specific area that share a common parking lot. Strip malls are generally located in towns and cities that are very accessible to nearby neighborhoods and other strip malls. These types of malls have stores such as grocery stores, dollar stores, video rental stores, and bookstores. ...read more.


The stores are typically name brand stores like Guess, Levis, and Hollister. The outlet type of store have reduced their prices on their products for various reasons such as past season merchandise or overstock in their traditional stores. Presently, outlet malls are very popular due to severals reasons such as accessibility and the economy. These types of malls generally attract all types of individuals at all age levels. Malls do standardize the way of shopping by bringing together all the wants and need of our society. Malls have been designed to attract consumers in different ways. They serve as a place to purchase products and services that needed and wanted. They also serve as social functions that provide entertainment for consumers of all ages. Malls represent more than shopping. They represent a way of living, and have created an atmosphere that represent our culture and the our way of life. ...read more.

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