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Shopping In Hong Kong

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Shopping in Hong Kong Hong Kong People like shopping; they spend lots of money on buying things. According to the survey that made by the government, the value of total retail sales in June 2000, estimated at $15.3 billion. Every person approximately spends $2350 on shopping. Online Shopping Nowadays, the rapid development of the Internet advances the online trading. The customers do not need to walk on the streets, they just have to browse the website of that company, and the shop will provide the pictures of the products for you to purchase. The products you buy will be brought to your home. In the recent two months( July and August ), there are 600000 people have used the internet to shop, according to the survey of a company, there is a market of 2 billion hk dollars. The traditional market in Hong Kong Temple Street Temple Street is one of the most famous traditional Chinese Market and it locates in Yau Ma Tei. Carts bulge with goods, from casual clothing to mobile phones and watches. You might be able to buy all your souvenirs here. ...read more.


Random selection Only suitable in Hong Kong e) Even though the Online Shopping is very famous and well known, not many people have tried, especially the people under the age of 18. This is because Cash is not available on the Internet, you must have an account or credit card so the youngsters cannot buy thing through the Internet. Field Work I have chosen two typical sites to do investigation; I would compare two sites on Location, Accessible and condition four parts. A) Festival Walk Festival Walk is a shopping mall that located in Kowloon Peninsula (urban area) and it was founded in 1997. The centre has 7 levels include 3 underground levels and a car park is located in the bottom part of the centre; it can provide space for 850 cars. Also, the centre is directly connected to the bus stop, taxi station and the only KCR/MTR interchange in Hong Kong with air-conditioned pedestrians access. Therefore, you can get there easily by public transports and private vehicles. The shopping mall is air-conditioned, its design is breathtaking, the walls are made of glass, and so the sunray can reach all the places. ...read more.


Type of transport Type of goods Online shopping Income (week) 1 M 32 Employed 1/month Private High Yes �100-501 2 M 45 Employed 2/month Bus Medium No �100-501 3 M 19 Employed 1/week Private Medium No �51-100 4 M 24 Employed 2/month Foot Medium No �100-501 5 M 18 Student 2/week KCR Medium No �0-50 6 M 36 Employed 1/month KCR High No �501-1000 7 M 52 Employed 2/month Private Medium No above�1000 8 M 14 Student 1/week KCR Low No �0-50 9 M 39 Employed 1/month Private Medium Yes �100-501 10 M 27 Employed 1/week Private Medium No �100-501 11 F 38 Employed 2/week KCR High No �501-1000 12 F 16 Student 3/week KCR Low No �0-50 13 F 48 Employed 1/month Private Medium Yes �501-1000 14 F 23 Student 1/week KCR Medium Yes �0-50 15 F 28 Employed 2/month Private Medium No �51-100 16 F 23 Employed 1/month Bus High No �101-500 17 F 19 Student 2/week KCR Medium No �0-50 18 F 26 Employed 2/month Bus High No �101-500 19 F 33 Employed 1/month Private Medium Yes �51-100 20 F 17 Student 1/week Foot Medium No �0-50 ...read more.

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