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Shops and services Affecting House Prices

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GEOGRAPHY COURSEWORK YEAR 11 Contents Introduction...................................................................Page 3 Hypothesis...................................................................Page 5 Methods......................................................................Page 6 Data Collection and Analysis.............................................Page 8 Results......................................................................Page 10 Conclusion and Evaluation...............................................Page 18 Bibliography...............................................................Page 19 Introduction In this paper I will be investigating how house prices vary in a particular town. I have chosen to investigate Northwood. Northwood is a town situated in the London Borough of Hillingdon, northwest of central London. Below is a map of the area showing the exact site of Northwood and its situation in relation to other settlements. Source: Multimap.co.uk The Black outline on the map is the area covered by Northwood. Central Business District: The functional centre around which the rest of a city is comparison shopping, office accommodation, leisure facilities, buildings for recreational use, public museums, art galleries and governmental functions. Generally this is the area of highest land values within a city. Definition Source: http://narains.com/glossary.htm Below is a map of Northwood with the CBD clearly presented on it. All settlements inside the black circle on the map are in the Central Business District of Northwood. Below is a map of Green Lane close-up and its neighbouring roads, the commercial centre of Northwood. This is the area where I will carry out my investigation. My investigation will try to determine how well Northwood is a commercial centre (Green Lane) and satisfies the needs of the local community by comparing two factors; what shops and services exist, and what the local people feel is needed in the way of shops and services. Hypothesis My hypothesis for this investigation is: 'the shops and services of Northwood do not fully satisfy the needs of the local community'. Northwood is a marketable centre and has relatively good travel links. It has bus and coach services to some surrounding areas; it also has a Metropolitan (Underground) Line station, and has a main road running through it (B469). This means that the commercial centre of Northwood is quite accessible. ...read more.


21-30: 8 31-40: 5 41-50: 22 51-60: 4 61-70: 1 40 Education? Primary school: 0 Secondary school: 0 College: 0 University: 5 5 Employed? Yes: 31 No: 9 40 Retired? Yes: 3 No: 37 40 Shops/Services most frequently used? Boots: 22 Martin's Newsagents: 27 Serendipity caf�: 5 54 (Does not have to be 40 because each person can have multiple answers) Do you feel that the shops/services in Northwood satisfy your needs? Yes: 12 No: 28 40 Questionnaire at Ask pizza: Question Answers Total Resident of Northwood? Yes: 24 No: 16 40 Gender? Male: 22 Female: 18 40 Age? 11-20: 5 21-30: 4 31-40: 19 41-50: 12 40 Education? Primary school: 1 Secondary school: 4 College: 0 University: 4 9 Employed? Yes: 32 No: 8 40 Retired? Yes: 0 No: 40 40 Shops/Services most frequently used? Boots: 12 Martin's Newsagents: 20 Serendipity caf�: 13 45 (Does not have to be 40 because each person can have multiple answers) Do you feel that the shops/services in Northwood satisfy your needs? Yes: 15 No: 25 40 Questionnaire at Northwood Station: Question Answers Total Resident of Northwood? Yes: 30 No:10 40 Gender? Male: 25 Female: 15 40 Age? 21-30: 21 31-40: 16 41-50: 3 40 Education? Primary school: 0 Secondary school: 0 College: 0 University: 2 2 Employed? Yes: 27 No: 13 40 Retired? Yes: 1 No: 39 40 Shops/Services most frequently used? Boots: 12 Martin's Newsagents: 29 Serendipity caf�: 16 57 (Does not have to be 40 because each person can have multiple answers) Do you feel that the shops/services in Northwood satisfy your needs? Yes: 8 No: 32 40 Traffic Survey on Green Lane: Number Plate Type of vehicle Where comes from L173 VLC CAR Sheffield X3 ESR CAR London (Northwood Hills) LT54 EPC CAR London (Northwood) LSO4 UWW VAN London LT05 JGH CAR London L337 PNU CAR Nottingham S909 CRC CAR London J79 0PG CAR London Transect Map: The following businesses are on the left side of my transect as I walked down green lane past Waitrose. ...read more.


I feel I have used both time and resources effectively. However there are a few points of my methods of data capturing that I feel would be reviewed and refined if I were to ever repeat the project. Firstly I would not do the questionnaire face to face as it proved to be a problem collecting data; it was obvious that people were not comfortable with having to answer questions to a teenage boy/girl, when they just wanted to shop. I felt they were prepared to rush through the questionnaire without giving it serious thought, this proved to be a disadvantage to collecting valid results. If I were to repeat the questionnaire I would adopt a new strategy and drop it through their mailbox with a letter of explanation. They could fill in the questionnaire at their leisure and post it back. I feel this method would give more accurate results, as people would not feel intimidated. Also by conducting the questionnaire using this method, it could be done on a much larger scale (as no time would be required on my behalf actually asking the questions), meaning more answers could be analysed; increasing the accuracy of the results and enabling a more valid conclusion could be drawn. Most of the data I collected strongly supported my hypothesis. The questionnaire showed how most people found Northwood not to fully serve them and that the majority of the residents opted to shop elsewhere. My environmental quality survey showed that Northwood has a reasonable quality level and is suitable for high order shops and services. However, this is a problem as threshold populations are not high enough for this, as I have mentioned earlier in this document. In order to determine a further understanding on the subject of Northwood's CBD and the structure of its shops/services, I would perhaps conduct an investigation to discover exactly what people bought from Northwood, and what items they went further a field to purchase. This information could then be used to tell the council just what businesses they needed to attract to make Green Lane fully serve the community. ...read more.

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