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Should Rainforests be Preserved?

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Debate Should Rainforests be Preserved? It's very easy to say rainforests should be preserved when you come from a more economically developed country, with wealth, vast food supply and education. But is it so easy to say yes when you come from a less economically developed country, with little income, hardly any education and limited food supplies. Most forest clearings are still by local people and tribes needing land. This is obvious from the start coming from a less economically developed country such as Brazil, you need to destroy some forest just to survive. A average Brazilian may have lost his farm job due to a drought, this gives the man no money or new prospects. When he hears that the government would give him a house and land in the Amazonia. He is hardly going to turn it down is he? ...read more.


I'm sure if there was another way to supply Brazil with money and jobs without destroying the rainforest they would be doing it that way rather than demolishing the rainforest. The Brazilian government do keep an eye on deforestation and help to set up Indian reserves so they don't want to completely destroy the rainforest but have to clear some of it in order to provide for their people. Brazil can gain a better and more stable economy by logging. Countries like Great Britain, America and Canada need timber and the Brazil need our money. Without resources like this Brazil would be in a worse off position in the world than it is today! Also Brazil has tried to develop the centre of it by building roads such as the Trans- Amazonia Highway. They are needed to move timber, cattle, minerals and export crops and make Brazil a more accessible country. ...read more.


We are not trying to say all rainforests should be destroyed. The rainforest is a natural, beautiful thing yet some of it has to be destroyed to provide a living. It would be perfect if we didn't have to destroy it and everyone in the world had a country as wealthy and as stable as ours but this world is not perfect and sadly the reality is we have to do this otherwise less economically developed countries would collapse. As we are sure Lucy and Millie will point out to you global companies such as Mc Donald's destroy the land to graze cattle on to produce us with cheaper meat. Obvisouly we think this is wrong as we are only benefiting ourselves. Like all things there are always one or two who will use their power to destroy things in order to line their own pockets. Basic improvements could be made so the rainforest can benefit everyone such as..... ...read more.

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