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Should the Hastings bypass be built?

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Should the Hastings bypass be built? Introduction The Hastings bypass is a proposed route, which will go around the area surrounding Bexhill and Hastings in order to reduce congestion and traffic problems along the Bexhill rd route. The Bexhill rd route is usually very busy and almost congested nearly every time of the day, as it is the only way of going anywhere from Hastings to Bexhill, Eastbourne and Brighton. Which causes potential problems for many other business and economic groups, such as freight services and green peace (as the proposed site goes through land which has protected species within). ...read more.


Another disadvantage would be that of the Green Peace Committee who are against the whole plan of action due to the existence of protected species living within the proposed site, and that the Hastings bypass would get rid of any habitats which they have formed there. Other stakeholder groups would include the following people living near the proposed building site, pedestrians concerned with their safety on the Bexhill Rd route, Housing development, road workers (labourers) and the government. The people that live near the area where the proposed building site would be against the idea since they moved to the outskirts of the town to get avoid of any traffic noise and pollution, but will end up with what they were trying to get away from (traffic noise and pollution). ...read more.


With this in mind it should also be on the side of the public transport affiliates, as this would bring them more business from the richness of more people coming into the town, which would also drop the fares thus being an improvement for the general public. Road-workers would also be for the idea purely because of the fact that it will bring them more money and work to do which sometimes is scarce. Overall the government would benefit due to the availability to add more tax to everything with a reasonable reason (as the government regularly increases tax rates without any justifiable reason). ...read more.

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