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Skipton has all the properties of a good route centre and mentioned before it sits beautifully where it is. With main roads and motorways which surround such major cities such as Yorkshire, Manchester and Liverpool

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AIM ONE In the UK today we have many problems with transport and serious traffic congestion, which in many ways the government should clamp down on. This is happening in places where there is a lot going, events such as football matches, market stalls, time of sales within the town centre or it just maybe a case of general lack of luck to be held in such a big congested area for sometimes literal and long hours. As we are studying traffic congestion and how we and the country can clamp down we noticed a general area of Skipton which would benefit from ideas such as congestion charging, one way system or just a simple extension in the roads. ...read more.


The definitions of the term congestion mention such words as "clog," "impede," and "excessive fullness." For anyone who has ever sat in congested traffic, those words should sound familiar. In the transportation realm, congestion usually relates to an excess of vehicles on a portion of roadway at a particular time resulting in speeds that are slower sometimes much slower than normal or "free flow" speeds. Congestion often means stopped or stopandgo traffic. There are so many pedestrians and we noticed that 4 or 5 buses ran through the town centre of Skipton and it was quite noticeable that the roads were quite narrow and it was hard to vacate that bus through with an easy flow. ...read more.


They have actually many systems that the council have obviously put forward. Traffic controlling was very noticeable but the people that were in the town were still not happy, one gentleman said "there is still work to be done" which was obvious as you seen piles of cars queuing for parking spaces at the local Sainsburys superstore. The one way system is highly popular, it is cheap and quite a good method top stop people blocking the roads with such reckless and inpatient driving. The town has to draw a line somewhere to help clamp such major problems. We have noticed many things, and in the many things we have realised why Skipton is such a good route centre and a really good honey pot sight. When we visited we would imagine how busy it could get, and as the day passed through that began to come true ...read more.

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