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Social Environments.

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1.0 Introduction The aim of this assignment is to use the data gathered from the field, maps, photos and information about the Silkstone and Fairview Rise residential estates using patterns in this planned/integrated residential estate. This is a photo of Fairview Rise Estate This is a photo of Silkstone estate 1.1 Aims The aims are to compare Fairview Rise and Silkstone's residential areas and their livability. The criteria is as follows 1. To what degree is the suburb ecologically sustainable in terms of: (a) Environmental issues (b) Resource conservation (c) Waste reduction/energy efficiency (d) Social aspects (e) Physical environment 2. To what degree does the design/planning of the suburb promote a sense of community? 3. To what degree have planners designed and implemented traffic safety/traffic calming devices into community roads? 4. To what extent has urban planning integrated the aesthetics of the estate? 5. To what extent does the residential development offer residents privacy? 6. To what degree have urban planners integrated access to adequate services such as schools, shops, hospitals, parks/recreational facilities? 7. To what degree is the area family-oriented? 1.2 Study Methods The main primary methods of collecting data were field observation and statistics. My secondary method was the internet. 2.1 Findings of the Two Study Areas a) Silkstone Silkstone housing estate was developed after World War II to house the returning war veterans. This development was subsidized by the government, which provided low interest loans to returned servicemen. These men required jobs which were to be found in the mines and collieries around Ipswich. During the post war period, there was a marked growth in local industry, including expansion in meat and butter processing, the production of timber products, and chemical and tobacco manufacture. ...read more.


Therefore there is less of a sense of community. There is not a lot of planned community areas such as community halls, bike ways, walk ways, sports fields and playgrounds. This forces people to stay at home, or leave the suburb for entertainment and socialising. The young people of the area have no areas to gather, such as skate parks, gyms, and swimming pools. This creates problems with boredom in youths. The human impact on the geography of the area, is an increase in traffic and the effects this has on pollution, and the effects of water runoff from roads and houses would flow into the creek near the suburb of Silkstone and that creek runs into the Bremer River which then runs into the Brisbane River which contributes to the city's drinking water. Fairview Rise Estate The human impact on the region has been less then in Silkstone. The effect of the narrow roads and traffic calming methods slow the traffic and make it safer and more attractive for people to be outside. This brings neighbours out so they can become friends. Because the backyards are small, the children are able to play on the roads and nearby parks which can be accessed by the walkways and bikeways which are found everywhere. The house blocks in Fairview Rise are similar to Silkstone but the houses are newer and the houses are much bigger. The houses are mostly two storeys and occupy much of the block with a small backyard. Therefore they need more parks, bikeways and playgrounds for families to play and socialise. ...read more.


Fairview Rise- There is good access to parks and recreational facilities. There is good access to nearby schools, shops, and hospitals by bus, car, or train. There is good public transport. 7. To what degree is the area family-oriented? Silkstone- The area is not very family oriented, with minimal park areas, playgrounds, sporting fields, recreational areas and bike paths. There are schools and childcare centres in the suburb. Fairview- The area is very family oriented, with many park areas, green spaces, playgrounds, bike paths, walking paths, and a childcare centre. There are no schools in the suburb as yet. 5.0 Recommendations From the examination of both residential developments, the more favorable suburb is Fairview Rise. The newer development of Fairview Rise better caters for the modern day family. The area is more attractive, the houses are larger, and there are more parks, bikeways and green areas for families to play and socialize. Fairview Rise is more environmentally sustainable and aesthetically pleasing. It is definitely the more livable suburb. Recommendations for improvement to the urban plan of Fairview Rise would include 1. Building a primary and high school within the suburb or within the next stage of land release to improve social sustainability and community participation 2. Building a shopping centre within the next stage of land release to improve livability 3. Improve the current transport system by extending the railway to include this area, and increasing the bus transport system to improve social sustainability and livability 4. Building a swimming pool for the local families to have access to for increased livability and social sustainability 5. New houses built to have solar power systems for more energy efficiency, and water tanks for water conservation 6. Building a community centre to increase residents' community participation and accountability. 7. ...read more.

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