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Spain. To what extent does Lloret De Mar beachfront cater for tourism?

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Ellie Gavigan To what extent does Lloret De Mar beachfront cater for tourism? Key Question I plan on basing my study on four different questions which will allow me to question my main title successfully; it will also give me a better knowledge and understanding. My key questions will also allow me to configure my method of data collection. Key Question Explanation What attracts tourists to Lloret De Mar? This key question will be helping me understand the main things that have made this resort so popular and why people choose to go on holiday to this resort. I plan on gathering primary data such as questionnaires and also secondary data which would include searching the internet for hotel prices and flight prices to the resort in order to accomplish this question. ...read more.


This key question will help me by giving me the information of how tourism has affected the Lloret De Mar and whether it has affected the resort in either a good or bad way both economically, socially and environmentally. It will give me the understanding of what effect tourism has had on the resort and how it has changed economically, socially and environmentally due to tourism. Does the resort cater for different types of tourists? This key question will help me identify how well Lloret De Mar caters for different types of tourists. It will give me a better understanding of the types of tourists that visit the area and how well the resort caters for them and whether there are any varying activities for the different types of tourists. ...read more.


* Many facilities and services are aimed at tourists 1990s * Arrival of foreign tourists increased as holiday packages became a lot cheaper and affordable for most people. The hot climate of Spain and the Mediterranean Sea was a beneficial factor for many tourists to be attracted to the resort. 2007 * Population of 19,822 people * Lloret De Mar covers 48km of land * There are 5 main beaches along the 7km coastline * There are a wide range of hotels and shops available for tourists * This resort is a popular place for many holiday makers across Europe due to its warm climate and being next to the Mediterranean Sea. Location of Study area Europe Spain Costa Brava Lloret de Mar ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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