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Sphere of Influence

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GCSE Geography Coursework 2007 Finding out the Sphere of influence of a CBD highstreet and an out of town area Contents Page Page 1: Title Page Page 2: Contents Page Page 3: Introduction Page 4: Hypothesis Introduction The sphere of influence of a retail area is how far someone will travel to use the shops and services available there. It is a distance usually measured in miles or kilometers. Different types of retail are will have different sized spheres of influence. For example a place like London attracts customers on a multinational level where as a local high street is likely to have a far smaller sphere of influence. The sphere of influence can be affected by many different factors varying from the range of shops available to the order of the goods sold there. Some factors that affect the sphere of influence are: the range of shops, the range if goods, the infrastructure of the area, the methods of transport that are around the area, the type of people who live nearby, the crime rate and appeal of the area, the order of the goods sold, the local population of the area and the presence of the internet. ...read more.


This does not only include the presence of routes but also the price and how often these methods of transport run. The appeal of a retail area can greatly affect the sphere of influence. If an area is very dirty with a bad crime rate and not much greenery then people may not feel safe shopping there or might prefer to shop somewhere else. On the other hand if an area is clean, has lots of plants, places to sit and a low crime rate people will prefer to shop there so the sphere of influence will increase. The types of people who live in the area can also affect the sphere of influence of a retail area. If the people who live nearby are predominately elderly then it is likely there shopping needs will differ. The size of the local population affects the sphere of influence indirectly. For example if an area has a large population it will have better shops and services; where as a village in the middle of nowhere with 100 inhabitants will have next to no sphere of influence. ...read more.


Hypothesis > I think that the retail park will have a larger sphere of influence than the highstreet in the CBD. I think this because of the nature of the shops there and the goods they sell. A large retail park is likely to hold large specialist and DIY shops which sell high order goods. This means it is likely to have a large sphere of influence. > I think shops in the retail park will be on average larger than shops on a highstreet I think this because of the location of the two retail areas. In an out of town shopping area the land is quite cheap so companies can afford to build big shops where as on a highstreet the land is very expensive so shops will be quite small. > I think there will be more public transport leading in and out of the CBD than in and out of the out of town retail park. I think this because more people go to the CBD than go to the out of town retail area. Because of this I think there will be more public transport routes. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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